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iSolved Time Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

iSolved Time is a cloud-hosted time and attendance system that you can access from any computer or mobile device. This system is our top choice for the best time and attendance system for growing businesses because it's easy to use and includes most of the employee tracking controls you need to make your workforce run smoothly. 

iSolved Time

iSolved Time

The Verdict

iSolved is a powerful employee time-tracking software application that is relatively easy to use and offers numerous employee tracking controls. It is our choice as the best time and attendance system for growing businesses.

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When searching for a time and attendance system, growing businesses want a solution that first and foremost can handle all of their time-related needs. However, ideally, they also want a system they can tack other services on to, like payroll or HR. Being able to access all of these services from the same platform is beneficial to growing businesses, because it allows them to easily add the software they need, without having to learn an entirely new system. 

iSolved Time fills all of these needs. From a time and attendance standpoint, it offers everything businesses need. It features multiple ways to clock in and out, employee self-service, scheduling tools, and the ability to manage paid time off (PTO).  

In addition, the iSolved platform includes a number of other services that businesses may want to tap into as they grow and become more established, such as payroll, HR administration and employee benefits. This allows employers and staff the ability to manage these services from one central location.

Best Features

There are a number of positives with iSolved Time. One of the biggest benefits is all of the ways employees can manage their time. Employees can clock in and out using traditional timeclocks, web browsers and mobile apps. 

iSolved offers a wide selection of timeclocks. Among the options businesses can choose from are touchscreen, USB, Ethernet and plug-and-play timeclocks. Timeclocks can be configured for traditional swipe card, proximity reader, key code entry or biometric access with a finger scan. Besides using the clocks to punch in and out, the iSolved timeclocks let workers transfer jobs and departments. The clocks also include buttons for breaks and meals. 

The mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. From the app, employees can clock in and out, view their timecards, check their accrual balances, request time off, and update tax and personal information. Those in charge can use the app to conduct punches for groups of employees. In addition, the mobile app utilizes GPS tracking to record where remote employees are clocking in and out from and geofencing to limit the areas employees can punch from. 

The mobile app's geofencing feature isn't the only way employers can restrict where employees clock in and out from. The system allows for IP restrictions that limit which computers staff members use to punch in and out from. 

Another benefit of this time and attendance software is that it handles much more than just recording when employees comes and go. The system offers complete PTO management capabilities. It tracks vacation and sick-time accruals and allows employees to request time off. (Managers can then approve or deny those requests.) 

The iSolved Time scheduling module, which costs extra, allows employers to build schedules for individual or multiple employees. Using the tools, employers can configure their own attendance rules, such as whether employees are allowed to come in early or leave late. You can create as many shifts as you like. Schedules are created using click-and-drag tools, which makes the process very simple. 

Based on the schedule, you can set up alerts to notify you when employees arrive early or late, are under or over hours, leave early or late, have an unscheduled absence and work when they aren't scheduled. 

The other real benefit of iSolved is the added services that growing businesses can utilize as they become more established. All the added services are managed via the same platform as iSolved Time. These services include:  

  • PayrollThe cloud-based system is a full payroll service. It handles all payroll processing and payroll tax responsibilities. The service lets you pay employees by direct deposit and pay cards, and can handle paycheck garnishments. Employees can access the payroll software to see their pay stubs and year-end tax information.
  • Human ResourcesThe HR portion of the platform is designed to provide insight into your workforce and help drive performance. This add-on service allows employers to manage their company training, disciplinary offenses, awards, employee job history, certifications, and employee salary and benefit history.
  • BenefitsThe benefits enrollment service provides employers with an organized, simplified way of managing employee benefits. The system connects with all benefit providers. The system allows employees to review all of their benefit selections at any time.

Starting Price

iSolved Time charges a monthly fee based on the number of employees you have. 

For the service, we were quoted prices of $4 per employee, per month. This included all of the time and attendance tools, plus scheduling and PTO management. Per-employee costs may vary depending on which tools and services you want included in your system. 

It is important to note, however, that there is an $80 monthly minimum. So, based on the $4 per-employee prices we were quoted, if your company has fewer than 20 staff members, you will still have to pay the $80 per month. 

In addition to the monthly costs, there are one-time implementation and training fees. For 20 employees, we were quoted prices of about $700. This covers the cost of setting up the system as well as training managers and employees on how to use it. 

iSolved Time also requires customers to sign a contract. The prices we were quoted were based on an annual subscription.

Customer Service

Overall, we were satisfied with the support iSolved Time provided. We contacted the company multiple times by phone and email, posing as a business owner interested in a time and attendance system. 

When we reached out by phone, our call was immediately answered, and we were transferred to a representative who answered some of our questions. We were a little disappointed that we weren't able to ask all of our questions, as he quickly said he would send us all of the information he had on the system via email. 

He did follow up with an email that included a complete product description, price quote and demo videos. In the end, he provided all of the information that a customer would need to make an informed decision.We were also pleased that each time we followed up with questions over email, we received prompt and thorough responses. 

If you need assistance with this software, you can contact customer support via phone, email or, for quick questions, live chat.  Additionally, the iSolved Time website includes online courses to help you learn how to use the software. There are also a number of help documents and recorded webinars. 

iSolved's parent company, Infinisource, is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. As of April 2019, there had been eight complaints filed against the company in the past three years. It is important to note that most of those complaints were in regard to the employee benefits services iSolved offers, not its time and attendance system.


iSolved Time is a cloud-hosted solution that can be accessed from any web browser on a Mac or Windows computer. This gives employees, managers, and administrators access to the software both inside and outside of their workplace. 

In the employee portal, employees can clock in and out, view their accrual balances, request time off and review their timecards. In the administrator portal, you can view an audit trail, which is an uneditable document showing all additions and changes that have been made to employees' timesheets. This file is important for organizations that need to comply with certain labor laws. 

The software features access controls that let organizations choose how much access each employee has to the features in this time-tracking system and what information they are allowed to view and edit. 

The mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play, also gives users access to the system. From the app, employees can clock in and out, review their timecards and ask for time off.


The biggest drawbacks to iSolved Time are in relation to the costs. There is a monthly minimum of $80 per month. So, while the service may cost around $4 per employee, you still have to pay $80 per month if you have less than 20 workers. 

Another downside is that some of the features, such as scheduling, are an extra fee. There is also a setup and implementation charge. Not all the services we considered charged these fees. 

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iSolved Time

iSolved Time

The Verdict

iSolved is a powerful employee time-tracking software application that is relatively easy to use and offers numerous employee tracking controls. It is our choice as the best time and attendance system for growing businesses.

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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