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Jukebox Print Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Jukebox Print is different from other online business card printing services with card types ranging from traditional cardstock to cotton, wood or even bamboo. Between the large selection of cards and features, Jukebox Print is one of the best online business card printing service we reviewed. It earns the Business.com Silver Award.

Jukebox Print's turnaround is six to eight days, which is a little longer than the other printing services on our lineup. Next-day delivery is available if you pay for rush service. Jukebox also has same day service available if you live close to one its two physical locations in Canada: Vancouver and Toronto. If you do, your business cards could be ready within eight business hours.

Jukebox Print
Jukebox Print
Best Business Card Printing
The Verdict
The vast choice in paper, shapes and finishes means you can easily find a business card to differentiate your business card from the competition.
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This business card printing company has both offset and digital printing available and is capable of printing in full color, double-sided and with bleeding edges. While most printing services have these features, Jukebox has superior quality compared to other business card printers.

We found that Jukebox Print's business card service offehigh-qualityity cards. Regardless of the paper type, shape and coating, this service provides quality cards. We found that Jukebox's cards offered sharper images and vivid colors compared to cards from other printers. While it may take this company longer to process your order, you are guaranteed high quality and unique business cards to help your company stand apart from the competition.

Both the service's website and its online design tools are easy to navigate so you can find the right pattern, paper type and design to add to your cards. This online business card creator lets you adjust the text size and color whether you're using a template or building your own custom business cards from scratch.

You can choose sizes that are standard for a variety of places, including U.S., U.K. and Hong Kong. Using the online design tool, you can generate and insert your personal QR code. Jukebox Print has all the latest social media logos, such as Twitter and Facebook, so you can include them on your card and alert your customers of additional ways to connect to you and your services.

Jukebox Print has a large selection of pre-made templates you can modify. The business card template styles are in a variety of industries, such as landscaping, beauty services and wildlife photography. If you don't see a template that you like, Jukebox Print lets you submit suggestions for future designs. You can upload your own business card design, but only after you have pre-paid for your business cards. The online platform supports PDF, PSD, TIFF, JPG, EPS and AI file types.

This business card printing company keeps you informed of your order from the moment you place it. The service sends confirmation emails and shipping information so you know exactly where your order is at and when you can expect to receive it. While it took Jukebox longer than other services on our lineup to process our order, its customer service was helpful and responsive to our requests.

Jukebox Print has several paper and finishing options to choose from. Cardstock, linen, cotton and magnets are all options. Each of these comes in a variety of colors and textures.

You can have your business cards made into different shapes, not just circles and rounded corners, but hearts and cupcakes too. Not all services have this option, and those that do don't compare in quality or selection. Finishes include gloss, foil and pearl coated. Several of these finishes are available in custom colors, giving you even more options to make your cards stand out.

In addition to business cards, Jukebox Print can have your logo, color scheme or business designs printed on other important items, including flyers, brochures, postcards and envelopes – all useful items to businesses. Jukebox can create custom items, such as loyalty cards and promotional calendars, all with the same quality as its business cards. Jukebox also offers address labels and customer banners and signs.

Jukebox Print offers high-quality business cards as well as a variety of other products. The selection of paper, finishes and card shapes surpass others we reviewed, and the overall quality is great. Between the quality of the product and the good customer service, Jukebox Print serves as a good option for printing business cards.

Jukebox Print
Jukebox Print
Best Business Card Printing
The Verdict
The vast choice in paper, shapes and finishes means you can easily find a business card to differentiate your business card from the competition.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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