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Kinsta Review

Matt D'Angelo
, writer
| Updated
Jul 01, 2019
> Technology

Kinsta provides WordPress hosting to a variety of businesses, ranging from very small businesses to enterprises. It offers multiple service plans and great security features, ranging from data encryption to DDoS protection. It also is very transparent in its offering and has pricing on par with other WordPress-specific hosting companies. It does, however, provide less storage compared to some competitors.



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The Verdict

Kinsta has a great service offering with standout security features and a wide mix of plans and services. However, it is more expensive than some of its competitors.

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Kinsta provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You can cancel your services at any time within the first 30 days and get a full refund. This is a standard offering among all hosting companies. Kinsta provides its services through the Google Cloud Platform, a reliable hosting infrastructure that supports Kinsta's scaled plans. The company, like all web hosting companies, boasts 99.9 percent uptime, but it also checks uptime every five minutes. It also provides daily backups. Overall, Kinsta provides a solid service offering and robust plan options for a variety of business sizes.


Kinsta has eight out-of-the-box hosting plans for businesses, each with different prices and features. The Starter plan, which is available for $30 per month and is ideal for 20,000 monthly visits. From here, the Pro plan is $60 per month, supports 40,000 visits per month. These are Kinsta's two most basic plans and are ideal for very small businesses.

Next, Kinsta provides a small business service tier. The Business 1 plan is $100 per month and supports 100,000 monthly visits while the Business 2 plan is $200 per month and supports 250,000 monthly visitors. Plans three and four are $300 and $400 each and support 400,000 and 600,000 visitors, respectively.

The final tier of Kinsta's offering is the enterprise level. The company only provides two enterprise level plans: Enterprise 1 and Enterprise 2. These plans are $600 and $900 and both support at least 1 million monthly visits. The scalability of Kinsta's plans are part of what make it unique. WP Engine also offers scalability, but you have to talk directly with its sales team to find out if the company can support what your business needs.

Kinsta provides a full breakdown of what's included in each plan on its website. It also supports terms ranging from monthly to annually, although according to its purchasing page it only provides a maximum of one-year terms. If you're interested in longer contracts, the Kinsta sales team may have insight on if the company supports that kind of agreement. If you do sign up for a yearly plan, Kinsta will provide two free months of service. This is a standard offering with other WordPress hosting companies we reviewed like WP Engine.

You'll have to pay to migrate your site if you sign up for the Starter plan. Kinsta can handle all the aspects of the site migration, and it's free for every other plan besides the Starter plan. It's not clear if there are additional fees for registering your domain. You can cancel your service at any time for no additional fee by submitting a written notice. There are some stipulations and conditions for providing the right notice of cancellation that you can read about in the company's terms of service agreement.

While some companies consider refunds, Kinsta's terms of service agreement says that receiving a refund for unused services is unlikely. This is a good topic to talk about with a Kinsta sales representative before signing up for the service.


Kinsta provides a wide range of features for your business. It has a great security offering, providing a list of services that isn't matched by competitors. It also provides automatic scaling and other features to grow with your business. Business owners who host their WordPress site on Kinsta will also have access to 24/7 support.

Storage & Bandwidth: Kinsta is transparent in its offering, providing a clear list of what's included from a storage and bandwidth standpoint. Each plan varies widely based on size. The Starter and Pro plans have 3GB and 6GB of storage. The Business one, two, three and four plans support 10GB, 20GB, 30GB and 40GB respectively. The two enterprise plans support even more storage but remain underneath 100GB. For bandwidth, Kinsta breaks down each plan by the number of monthly visits it supports. These are listed above but range from 20,000 monthly visitors to over 1 million visitors per month. Again, this level of transparency is unmatched by competitors.

Security: Kinsta provides DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support and firewalls. It also monitors your sites uptime, checking in every five minutes. In addition to these services, Kinsta also has proactive hack prevention software and guarantees to prioritize your website if there is a security issue.

Cancellation: You can cancel your service with Kinsta at any time for no additional fees. You may not, however, receive a refund for unused fees or services. Kinsta indicates in its terms of services that it doesn't provide refunds, and outlines this under the Termination section of the agreement. Your specific scenario will depend on your contract with Kinsta.

Pre-installed apps: Kinsta doesn't provide additional pre-installed apps, but because it's a WordPress hosting company, you can install third-party programs using WordPress plugins. There are thousands of WordPress plugins that support a variety of services and add-ons, like ecommerce features.

Types of hosting

Kinsta only provides WordPress hosting. Its scalability puts it on par with competitors, and its transparency is unmatched by some competitors. It's one of the few solutions we reviewed that can provide services to businesses ranging from a team of a few people to a large enterprise institution. Overall, Kinsta's service offering has something for everyone in WordPress hosting.

Domain transfer

Kinsta provides free site migration to all its plans except the Starter plan. Starter plan members will have to pay an additional fee, but Kinsta will handle all aspects of the migration. Other services we reviewed provided free plugins to move sites. Kinsta's tech team takes the responsibility out of your hands and handles all aspects of the migration. It's not clear whether you'll have to pay additional fees to register your domain.

Reported Uptime

Kinsta claims 99.9 percent uptime. All web hosting companies claim this, but what separates Kinsta is they will provide credits if they fall short of this guarantee. In the event of your site going down, Kinsta will respond within 30 minutes to work on the site. If they fall short of this goal, you can get a credit of 5 percent of your total monthly fee for each hour Kinsta fails to honor its 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. There are instances of scheduled and emergency maintenance, which the company should notify you of. This commitment is a good customer service perk.



Kinsta is a little more expensive than some of the other web hosting companies we analyzed, even when it came to WordPress-specific hosts.



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The Verdict

Kinsta has a great service offering with standout security features and a wide mix of plans and services. However, it is more expensive than some of its competitors.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo is a contributor covering small business for and Business News Daily. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various online publications.