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LastPass Teams continues the company's line of excellent password managers that can help make your personal online security stronger by providing the tools to make sure your passwords are extremely difficult to break. Along with its ability to run on nearly every platform and most browsers, LastPass Teams has an intuitive interface that lets managers determine how company passwords are used and disseminated among employees for a great price.



The Verdict

Manage your digital logins in a secure way with LastPass. It has an easy browser extension and is great for business use. Read our review.

We all use passwords. For some of us, that reality means having dozens of passwords across multiple accounts. Password managers like LastPass Teams make it so you don't have to remember every single password you set, and it makes it even less likely you commit the cardinal sin of reusing the same passwords over and over again.

As a business-grade password locker, LastPass Teams lets managers set permissions for all kinds of company logins. Administrators can easily add or remove employees from the system, share passwords with those who need access, and set restrictions for each employee to make sure the wrong person doesn't get access to some of the system's more powerful and important features.

On the administrator dashboard, an up-to-date report showcases how secure the company's password setup is, with things like an average security score, the average password strength and the number of users with a weak security challenge score. Even more important is the system's ability to find and note things like recurring master passwords, which employees use to enter their own LastPass vaults, or the number of employees with weak master passwords. Being able to locate these vulnerabilities allows the administrator to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and mitigate them before things go sideways.

Administrators can set requirements for system users, including things like requiring multifactor authentication and setting requirements for how passwords are made, like a minimum number of lowercase characters in a password or if special characters are allowed at all. The more unpredictable a password can be, the less likely it is to be quickly broken by someone trying to get in.

Since LastPass Teams is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows-based computers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, users have access to all their passwords wherever they are able to log in to the system. LastPass even has a browser plugin that can automatically input passwords if accessed from a trusted machine.

LastPass Teams costs $4 per user, per month and clocks in at one of the best values in the password manager space. There are additional service tiers that include more robust features and higher user counts, with the most expensive tier clocking in at $8 per user, per month for a more enterprise and MFA-level solution.

From a usability standpoint, LastPass Teams has an interface that anyone can use. Once you log in, all of your passwords are shown with large buttons depicting each website associated with the appropriate username and password. End users don't have to worry about any additional functionality beyond that point, though tools like a password generator are available in the menus.

While the system itself is great, occasionally it either inputs the wrong information or is too quick when doing so. In both instances, that can lead to wrong passwords and usernames getting submitted before the user has time to change their credentials. With secure sites often only allowing a certain number of missed logins before the user is locked out, that can be a huge headache. It's also worth noting that LastPass Teams is only good for teams comprising up to 50 employees.

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The Verdict

Manage your digital logins in a secure way with LastPass. It has an easy browser extension and is great for business use. Read our review. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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