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ListGIANT Review

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

Last year, there were 3.8 billion email accounts, and if you're looking for a way to publicize your business through email, you'll need a list broker that can generate email addresses tailored to your needs. After evaluating numerous options, ListGIANT is the best email list broker because of the variety of lists that are available and the company's dedication to providing accurate, up-to-date lists.



The Verdict

Thanks to its dogged approach to list updates, reasonable prices and unlimited list usage, ListGIANT should be a top consideration regardless of whether you're targeting households or businesses in your area.

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With more than three decades of experience in the list broker industry, ListGIANT's email lists and marketing options help small businesses conduct successful email campaigns. Every email address the company collects and sells has opted into the service, and ListGIANT complies with current U.S. and Canadian privacy laws.

ListGIANT Pricing

Like many other list brokers we evaluated, ListGIANT requires you to speak with a sales associate to get a quote for the list you have in mind. You can sign up for a free trial on ListGIANT's website, which is what we did, or started to do. In attempting to create our list, though, we didn't receive an email count, so we had to call the company for assistance about obtaining a final total for our email addresses.

In addition to signing up for a free trial, we contacted ListGIANT, posing as a small business owner interested in purchasing email and postal addresses for both businesses and consumer households. After giving the customer service representative some general info about the lists we wanted, we were given the following prices:

  • For 5,000 consumer household leads: $600
  • For 5,000 business leads: $1,100
  • For 10,000 consumer household leads: $1,000
  • For 10,000 business leads: $2,000

These prices are based on generic lists – they may not reflect your business's specific needs. Different lists have varying prices; the pricing above is intended to give you a ballpark idea of how much you could expect to spend on ListGIANT's leads.


In addition to providing a range of potential leads for businesses, ListGIANT has some welcome features that should help ensure your email marketing campaigns run smoothly, including

Frequent updates: For email marketing lists, up-to-date information is paramount. Since email addresses change frequently, good list brokers update their databases frequently. Many of the list brokers we evaluated update their lists once a month. ListGIANT, however, updates its lists two to three times per month.

Compliance with privacy laws: In recent years, Americans have become aware of lax cybersecurity protocols surrounding data privacy. The European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which has changed how the internet stores and transfers information. While the U.S. doesn't have its own version of the GDPR, per se, existing privacy laws are something to be mindful of. With GDPR and the impact the regulation has had on email marketing, ListGIANT assures buyers that its lists comply with international regulations.

Unlimited use: Regardless of whether you buy or rent an email list from a list broker, most brokers limit how many times you can use the addresses you receive. There are typically some seeded email addresses within brokered lists that when used, notify the vendor that you've reused the list, prompting them to levy fees or take other actions against you. When you purchase a list from ListGIANT, however, you can use it as many times as you want. While that may sound like a great thing, it's important to note that email addresses change, so, over time, your lists lose their efficacy.

Additional Considerations

In our interactions with ListGIANT, their sales reps were very friendly and helpful.  After pulling our list counts, the ListGIANT representative presented us with some options. We never felt pressured to complete a sale, though the rep mentioned special offers they were running at the time.

Besides contacting the company by phone, you can email or chat with a ListGIANT rep using the company's webchat function on its website.

ListGIANT doesn't just sell email lists. You can purchase postal mail lists, telemarketing lists, and starting at $5,000, you can conduct a digital marketing campaign. Yet another service the company offers is list hygiene in which it will review your existing contact lists and remove any old or useless data. 


ListGIANT is an exemplary vendor to consider for your email marketing needs. There are, however, a couple of issues to be aware of with this broker.

One, there are no guarantees on the company's email lists. ListGIANT has a 94-99% delivery rate guarantee on its postal mailing lists. According to the rep we spoke, the reason why ListGIANT doesn't guarantee its email lists is because of the nebulous nature of email; still, many brokers we evaluated some assurances about their email lists, and a similar type of assurance from ListGIANT would be appreciated.

The second limitation is that while the prices we received were relatively in line with the prices we received from other list brokers, the prices for ListGIANT's higher-count lists were more expensive than some of the other vendors we evaluated.

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The Verdict

Thanks to its dogged approach to list updates, reasonable prices and unlimited list usage, ListGIANT should be a top consideration regardless of whether you're targeting households or businesses in your area.

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins Staff
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