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LivePerson's attention to detail, high level of security and excellent customer service make it a leader in enterprise chat software. With customers like, United Way, Virgin Atlantic and Qwest Communications, you can be confident that LivePerson’s corporate chat has what it takes to provide services to larger corporations. It is now priced by “engagement.” This is a different pricing model for enterprise-level chat software and means you’ll pay a negotiated price for each chat or banner click. In this model, you have access to LivePerson’s full suite of engagement tools and can also staff your support team with an unlimited number of operators.



The Verdict

LivePerson has much to commend, including a superb host environment and strict security guidelines.

LivePerson’s enterprise chat software allows operators to have a 360-degree view of all customers on the site before they start a live chat session. Its proficient host environment combines pre-chat surveys and business intelligence, then feeds them to a tiered support system. When visitors click a button on a certain page or answer a pre-chat survey a certain way, they are automatically filtered to the appropriate department or skilled operator. This reduces the time it takes for customer questions to be answered, which in turn, increases your company’s profitability. Remote administrators can also monitor all chat conversations in real time, which makes it perfect for training new operators or helping with complex problems.

You can easily integrate social media sites Twitter and Facebook with this chat software. If you have a Facebook page for your company, for example, you can add a "chat now" button to it. Visitors on your Facebook page can access the chat button and immediately connect to an operator. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools that you are already using, like Salesforce, can also be integrated into LivePerson’s software.

LivePerson also has many other operator functions and customer conveniences, including an offline messaging system, internal operator chat, two-way audio capability, a built-in spell check and the ability to email customers copies of their chat transcripts. While this array of features makes chat more effective, the sheer number produces a steep learning curve for new operators. The business chat software’s customization extends beyond these available options by way of an open and customizable API. This means your developers can integrate other homegrown or purchased applications with this software.

While LivePerson is one of the most robust chat services in the industry, it also provides some of the best security. Multi-tiered security provides you with layer after layer of embedded protection for your software’s data. Because this company caters to so many high-profile customers, they also comply with SAS70 Type II certification, Sarbanes-Oxely (SOX), Safe Harbor rules and European Union privacy regulations.

By securely monitoring each visitor and seeing their geographical location, the pages they’re visiting and the items in their carts, your agent can offer every customer appropriate help. They can give them additional information, offer them a coupon or perhaps even sell them product. Operators in other departments may assist in resetting passwords, logging in, filling out forms and providing technical assistance. If customers return to the site, operators can immediately draw on previously recorded information, including the customer’s name, browser, geographic location, language, previous page views and the pages they're currently browsing.

The information that is gleaned by capturing all this information is transformed by LivePerson into comprehensive reporting. Through these reports, your company gains valuable insights into your sales and marketing initiatives. It enables you to see conversion rates, shopping carts that have been populated and abandoned, where visitors come from, the effectiveness of your operators, your sales offers, and much more.

LivePerson is powerful, albeit expensive, enterprise chat software that is ideal for very large corporations. Their mandate is to “maximize online sales and revenue opportunities by proactively targeting the right visitor with the right message at the right time.” LivePerson’s robust host environment, extensive integration tools and high-level security can help you do exactly that.

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The Verdict

LivePerson has much to commend, including a superb host environment and strict security guidelines. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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