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LogMeIn Pro Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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Updated Nov 01, 2022

LogMeIn Pro is excellent remote PC access software for IT departments, telecommuters and personal users. It is especially useful for working with users in other countries. It provides advanced configuration options, helpful diagnostic tools and secure data transfers. With this software, you can monitor your remote computer’s hardware and software health and access it from anywhere. If you telecommute, this software lets you access your office or home computer with ease.

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LogMeIn Pro

The Verdict

LogMeIn provides fast and secure remote PC access support for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Its advanced management options are an extra benefit.

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The program employs numerous layers of protection to keep your data safe, including end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption, a higher standard than the industry requirement of 128 bits. It also utilizes one-time passwords, failed-attempt account lockouts and IP blocking. Once you’ve established a secure connection, LogMeIn is ideal software for high-speed remote access.

LogMeIn Pro Pricing and Software Plans

LogMeIn offers a small variety of plans to choose from, which simplifies the process of choosing a plan for your business. Each plan has a monthly fee that’s paid on an annual basis. Here are some specifics about the pricing and features for plans available with LogMeIn:

  • Individual plan: This is the most basic plan and allows access for up to two computers and unlimited users. It costs $30 per month. It allows for basic multi-monitor display, 1TB file storage and remote printing. This plan comes with one free license to LastPass Premium, a platform that remembers all of your passwords for you.
  • Power User plan: This midlevel plan allows access for up to five computers and unlimited users. It costs $70 per month. It has all of the features in the Individual plan, plus access to three free LastPass licenses.
  • Small Business plan: The top-tier plan is best for small businesses and allows access for up to 10 computers and unlimited users. It costs $129 per month. It has all of the features available in the Individual and Power User plans, in addition to five free LastPass licenses.

LogMeIn Pro offers a free 14-day trial that allows you to test the software’s features and see what will best fit your business. You can choose to use your free trial primarily for personal, business or IT support.


LogMeIn Pro offers several different services and features for remote PC access, including the following:

  • Installation: You must install LogMeIn on any device you would like to access. From there, you can enable remote access by logging in to your online account or using the desktop app.
  • Cross-platform access: LogMeIn Pro offers access across all platforms – Windows PC, Mac and mobile devices.
  • Security: The software requires two-factor authentication and offers 256-bit encryption. LogMeIn uses SSL/TLS communications, the same protocol used in online banking. This platform allows a variety of login techniques using a series of passwords and credentials. It also allows you to lock out accounts or certain IP addresses after a set number of incorrect logins.
  • File transfer: Transferring files is easy with the drag-and-drop feature. Along with file transfer, you get 1TB of storage.
  • Session scheduling and recording: The host keeps a detailed event log specific to LogMeIn Pro. It can also be configured to record remote access sessions into video files for later playback.
  • Monitor control exchange: You can share your screen with anyone to facilitate open collaboration or remote support.
  • Communication features: A shared whiteboard allows you and other users to collaborate when someone else is on the remote computer. Unlike a clipboard that only you have access to, the whiteboard allows everyone within the remote session to post on the board and share ideas in real time. Text can be edited by any contributor and then copied and pasted from the whiteboard into another program on any of the computers that are part of the remote session.
  • Multiple languages: LogMeIn Pro is ideal for international communication, as it is available in 12 languages.
  • Scalability: Your LogMeIn Pro plan can scale to your needs. You can call the company anytime to change or cancel your auto-renewal.
  • Customer service and resources: To contact support, you can submit a ticket by email or reach a representative by phone. LogMeIn provides 24/7 phone support in 10 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Germany and Australia. You can find the user guide through the knowledgebase as well, where you can browse a FAQs page, blogs and forums.

Pros and Cons of LogMeIn


One of the biggest benefits of LogMeIn Pro is the variety of management tools. Most of the tools can run without disturbing the remote user. It has a diagnostic toolkit that can evaluate the health and status of remote desktops, and it can send you an alert based on criteria you designate. It can manage remote hardware, work with software inventories and create reports. If you just need to access a computer or two without managing them, you likely do not need these tools, but if you need to manage a handful of assets, they could help streamline your workload.

Another great feature is the password management platform, LastPass. Each plan allows a certain number of complimentary access licenses to LastPass. This feature stores all accounts in a secure password vault. The lockout feature protects the client computer from being accessed by someone else, either physically or remotely, while you are connected and servicing the computer. While it provides strong security, it’s also flexible. For example, it allows the client computer to remember your password so that you don’t need to log in every time. This is a great convenience if you telecommute regularly or access your remote computer often.

The ability to restrict file transfers is a great feature that not many remote access software companies provide. LogMeIn Pro does more than just facilitate file transfers between your remote and local computers: It has a specific, secure file-sharing feature you can access from your online account. You can post documents there with a set number of allowed downloads and an expiration date for a friend or co-worker to access and download. LogMeIn Pro sends a download link to the other party. This lets you share important and possibly confidential files without giving full access to your computer.


LogMeIn Pro can be a bit time-consuming to initially install and connect. To use this service, the administrator sends the employee or client computer an invitation at the start of a remote session with a link and instructions on how to access, download and install this program. Users then have to create a LogMeIn account, designate their computer as the host computer and share their passcode with the administrator. The initial setup process is more involved and complicated for the host computer than it is for the admin. However, once the program is installed, the credentials can be saved to speed up the login and connection process for future sessions.

The LogMeIn website is very minimal compared to competitors, which left us with many questions. It does not list its important remote access features on the Features tab, so it can be difficult to find what it offers beyond the basic remote access capabilities. The site provides more in-depth user guides once you click into each feature, but there are still some features it does not address and some features that are difficult to find.

Ease of Use

The initial implementation process of LogMeIn Pro can be a bit lengthy, but the company website provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect. This software is ideal for repeat connections, because after you have gone through the initial implementation, you can create a simple shortcut on your web browser or desktop, allowing a quick connection in the future. Once you’re connected, transferring information between devices is quick and seamless, and you are allotted 1TB of storage, which is more than most competitors offer.

LogMeIn also offers extreme security measures to ensure your data is transferred safely. Users need to authenticate for every host machine they access remotely, with standard operating system credentials that are never stored on LogMeIn’s servers. Users can elect to require a personal password or an RSA SecurID two-factor authenticator when logging in to the host, in addition to operating system credentials. The security measures are simple to use throughout your session and provide peace of mind.

Although there are only three plan options, they offer similar essential features and make choosing the right plan clear and simple. In case you have trouble choosing a plan or implementing the platform, you have access to various online resources, such as a FAQs page, blogs and forums. You can also connect with customer support over email or telephone.

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LogMeIn Pro

The Verdict

LogMeIn provides fast and secure remote PC access support for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Its advanced management options are an extra benefit.

Skye Schooley
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