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Lucidchart Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

One of the best flowchart software in our review is Lucidchart, a competitively priced program with a large offering of features and applications. Because this software is cloud-based, it’s compatible with both Macs and PCs. A functional app is available for iPads, and you can use it to view and edit your charts. There isn't an app for Android tablets, so you can only view your flowcharts via a browser, not edit them. However, Lucidchart is one of only two companies on our lineup that earned our highest score for its viewer access, and it has almost every creation, viewing, and help and support features we looked for in our review of flowchart software. 

As we tested flowchart software, we considered how easy it was for your clients to view your charts and diagrams, and Lucidchart is one of the easiest-to-view programs in our review. This company is one of only two that earned 100% in our Viewer Access score because there are multiple ways to share your diagrams with your clients and your viewer can easily add comments and edit the chart. The software has a revision history feature, so that you can keep track of what’s been updated on your diagram.

Flowchart Software
The Verdict
Lucidchart is one of the best flowchart software available, with many features and applications available and an easy-to-use interface.
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This program allows you to guide your clients through your diagram by collapsing groups of shapes so that you can simplify the diagram or by expanding them so that you can see information easier. The flowchart also allows you to add links to sections so that your viewer can jump from one information point to another.

You can protect your process flow diagram with a password and assign authorized users so that you can control who sees your flowchart and whether they can edit or simply view it. This flowchart software also has a presentation feature that lets you share your diagram in a meeting. You can also export the files in various formats, including as a PDF or HTML file.

Lucidchart has one of the easiest creation interfaces to use on our lineup. You can enter text directly into shapes, and Lucidchart offers spellcheck to help you prepare professional presentations. It provides multiple connector points, plus you can add additional connector points to your symbols as needed. Junction jogs are also available, and symbols automatically resize as you enter your text into this flowchart software.

A unique feature of this software is the "Clean Up Layout" button, which automatically adjusts your spacing, shapes and lines to look less cluttered. You can also choose from premade color schemes and some design themes to help you expedite your flowchart creation process.

If you have multiple users working on the flowchart at once, you can keep track of what is changing as it’s being adjusted since Lucidchart offers real-time collaboration. Some useful features included with this software are multiple page support, which lets you add pages to your diagram and link from one page to another; an expandable canvas, which means that your working canvas automatically adjusts itself to fit the content that you add to your diagram; and layers, which lets you add multiple layers to the pages in your chart. You can also create organizational charts from CSV files, which can save you time.

Flowcharts and organizational charts aren't the only type of diagram that the best flowchart software helps you create. There are many different types of charts you may be required to create for your business, and Lucidchart has tools to help you create different presentations quickly. It offers shapes and templates for business process modeling, which is specific to BPMN diagrams. Mind maps are also available, along with network diagrams and SWOT analysis. You can also take advantage of its tools for creating technical drawings, UML, Venn diagrams and wireframes. It includes more than 100 templates for 20 diagram categories.

It can be difficult to adjust to a new software, which is why Lucidchart offers an initial tutorial to guide you through the flowchart creation process. If you have more questions than the tutorial is able to provide, you can contact Lucidchart representatives via Live Chat. User forums and a blog are also available for you to peruse for answers to questions. Keep in mind that you only have phone support if you sign up for the Enterprise plan.

Lucidchart has some of the best features and usability available out of the companies in our review. Its interface is current and easy to use, and viewers accessing files made with Lucidchart are likely to have a good experience as well. Keep in mind that you cannot edit flowcharts on Android tablets and that phone support is not available with the Pro plan, which is the plan we reviewed. However, Lucidchart offers robust creation tools, can be used for multiple applications and offers a functional iPad app. For these reasons, it is one of the best flowchart software available.

Flowchart Software
The Verdict
Lucidchart is one of the best flowchart software available, with many features and applications available and an easy-to-use interface.
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