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Magento Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

The Magento content management system (CMS) is geared toward creating attractive and powerful eCommerce websites. It offers out-of-the box capabilities with ready-made themes while allowing for unlimited ability to customize with your own code. Thus, it's a good choice for growing businesses.

The dashboard has a look and organization familiar to most CMS software, making it easy to navigate. You can choose from templates or create your own. It offers security and privacy capabilities to meet current laws and payment card industry requirements. You can set up a single store or multiple stores, even stores in different languages depending on their locations.

Because this CMS is geared for eCommerce, it has extensive features for creating a product catalog, with advanced pricing tools, image watermark capabilities and the ability to add multiple attributes or variations. You can also add general content pages, formatting each page individually to meet the needs of the content. There are also customer account and grouping features.

The software also allows you to set up invoicing and billing through the program as well as shipping. You can set up the website to create reports on sales, customers, products or performance. The program also stores the statistics for use in the future.

This open source content management software nonetheless has expert tools and add-ons to efficiently program a versatile website that can handle the needs of your online business. You can find paid and free add-ons in the Magento marketplace for analytics, communication, payment processing, shipping and more. If you wish, you can program your own widgets or seek codes from the over 150,000 developers through Magento community forums.

In addition to users, Magento has over 3,000 trained solution partners, professional experts for consultation, code audits or business analytics. They can provide technical consultations and performance reviews. If you prefer to master they system yourself, there are user guides, live and online courses, certification processes and even Magento meetups to learn from other users.

Magento's product focus and flexibility make it a strong choice for business that deal primarily in eCommerce. The open source content management system has multiple features for building the website without special coding and ready-made add-ons you can acquire for free or purchase. Plus, you can add your own coding. It's a versatile system without being overly complex or requiring expert developer skills.

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