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Mailing Lists Direct Review editorial staff, writer
| Updated
Mar 03, 2019
> Marketing

Mailing Lists Direct is a list broker service that's home to an elaborate list customizer that can help you craft the ideal list for your direct marketing campaign. It uses many unique criteria to compile consumer lists, but it really shines with its business marketing lists and home/financial lead lists. Because of its level of detail and helpful resources, we have selected it as one of the best list broker services. 

Mailing Lists Direct

Mailing Lists Direct

The Best List Broker Services of 2019

The Verdict

Mailing Lists Direct gives businesses one of the best avenues to make B2B connections. It offers multiple mediums (direct mail, email and telemarketing), plus it offers helpful resources about direct marketing.

We had a positive experience with Mailing Lists Direct's support staff. Through interactions over email and live chat, we received helpful, transparent answers to our answers from a polite, dedicated representative. We awarded this list broker a customer service score of 100 percent.

Mailing Lists Direct backs up its lists with a deliverability guarantee. It will refund any bad leads, but only if more than 95 percent of the list turns out to be undeliverable.

Mailing Lists Direct features only a few direct marketing services. They don't offer printing, fulfillment and mailing, but they do have an email marketing service. When renting a list from this company, you select the parameters for your audience and how many prospects you want to target, then Mailing Lists Direct broadcasts it for you.

If you want to include your own list with records you purchase from Mailing Lists Direct, the company offers a service where it cleans up your existing customer database and brings it up to date. For example, it can add missing fields, such as phone numbers and email addresses; remove outdated mailing addresses and email addresses; and remove duplicates. This can increase your ROI, helping reduce the number of mailers that bounce back or reach the wrong audience.

Along with these services, Mailing Lists Direct features an extensive direct marketing guide you can access from its website. It contains helpful tips and articles on the different aspects of direct marketing and advises you on the best practices. There is also a blog that addresses the current state of direct marketing and the latest trends.

With Mailing Lists Direct's interface, you can specify exactly what kind of marketing lists you're looking for. The system is free to try out so you can see whether or not it matches your needs. After entering your criteria, you can view the results, including how many leads there are and how much it will cost.

You can further refine your search and input the maximum number of leads you want to purchase. The compiler also allows you to narrow your leads geographically with basic criteria such as state, county, city and ZIP code. You can also set a radius of how large an area you want your direct marketing campaign to target. Next, you can input customer demographics and other factors to better target your audience. For consumer marketing, some options of how you can narrow your search include targeting customers based on their buying habits, how they mostly receive their media, their annual income and other such factors.

The business list criteria are among the most specific and plentiful out of any other service we reviewed. With criteria such as business income range, female-owned businesses, fax machine present and number of employees on-site, you can easily market your product or service to the prospects you want to target.

Mailing Lists Direct uses the Standard Industrial Classification system to identify specific business industries. If you're not targeting a particular industry, then you can select geographic parameters for all businesses in an area, which you can further narrow down to businesses of a certain size.

Along with consumer and business lists, Mailing Lists Direct offers specialized list refiners for mortgage leads, new homeowners and people who are new to a specific area. These types of leads can be helpful if your business is marketing itself to local consumers new to the area.

These records come with opt-in email addresses and phone numbers, giving you multiple options of mediums for your direct marketing campaign. The list compiler can also show you which consumers are more likely to respond to certain types of marketing such as print, online or phone. Mailing Lists Direct does not feature any international listings. They update their database monthly, and it has a minimum purchase requirement of 100 records per transaction.

Besides possessing a sophisticated list compiler, Mailing Lists Direct provides a wealth of information on direct marketing. This list broker service is ideal for businesses wanting to target very specific markets, and due to its extensive selection of business search criteria, Mailing Lists Direct makes that possible. Its overall ranking, however, would be higher if it offered more direct marketing services, such as printing and fulfillment for direct mail campaigns.

Mailing Lists Direct

Mailing Lists Direct

The Best List Broker Services of 2019

The Verdict

Mailing Lists Direct gives businesses one of the best avenues to make B2B connections. It offers multiple mediums (direct mail, email and telemarketing), plus it offers helpful resources about direct marketing. editorial staff editorial staff
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