Marketo Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 4, 2018

Marketo is a helpful internet marketing platform with especially strong offerings for email marketing. Though this service doesn't have as many comprehensive features as other online marketing platforms, it's still a powerful platform for businesses looking to improve their online presence, connect with more customers and uncover new leads.

This online marketing company allows you to create automated email campaigns. These campaigns include trigger emails, which are automatically sent when a contact completes a specific action, such as clicking a link in a previous email or not opening several of your emails in a row. Trigger emails are especially helpful for re-engaging with customers. You can also segment contacts into different lists and personalize emails. This ensures your leads only receive emails relevant to their interests.

Marketo integrates with Oktopost, a third-party social media management service. With this integration, you can easily manage your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social sites. You can also use Marketo to help create landing pages, which is where your customers find themselves after clicking on a link you share to social media pages. This web marketing company does not assist with website design, however.

You can use Marketo to help you with search-engine marketing. Marketo can help you perform keyword research so you know what specific terms to use to boost your rankings on search engine results. Marketo can also audit your website to help you see where you can improve your content and metatags to increase your SEO ranking. You can also create pay-per-click campaigns with Marketo. However, this service does not help you with link building.

Marketo provides reports to help you track your website traffic. It also has analytics for your competitors' SEO, which can help you track where you stand in your market. You also have access to reports on your email campaigns. These reports show you what emails were successfully delivered, who is opening your emails and what links are being clicked inside each ad.

Marketo is a solid online marketing service. It especially shines in email marketing and social media marketing. However, it doesn't offer features such as link building and website design, so if these tools are important to your marketing plan, you may want to look at the other online marketing solutions in our buying guide.

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