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MedScribe Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

MedScribe has been in business as a medical transcription service for over twenty years. This transcription service charges approximately 12 cents per line depending on whether or not they have to use voice recognition. Medical transcription costs are based on billing according to the industry standard of 65-character lines including spaces. The company does not charge set up fees, and you do not have to sign a long-term contract. This medical transcription service gets our recognition for its thorough security and wide variety of dictation-capture and transcription-delivery options to accommodate practices of various sizes.

The maximum turnaround time from when MedScribe gets your dictation to when you receive your transcription is 24 hours, which is the best range on the market. However, MedScribe has an overall wide variety of turnaround times dependent on the type of document. For example, an emergency room report has an estimated turnaround time of four hours, while discharge summaries have turnaround times of the maximum 24 hours. MedScribe's STAT time for any type of work is as short as two hours.

Medical Transcription Services
The Verdict
MedScribe's turnaround times and security levels reflect high-quality performance.
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When transcriptions are finalized and you have had a chance to look over any issues, you can use an electronic signature to sign off on the transcription. The signature locks editing on the transcription, so you don't have to worry about anyone illegally editing the transcription later. The company also offers 24-hour support through email, phone and its ticketing system.

There are several options for medical dictation services. A toll-free number is in place so you can dial in via telephone, or you can use a digital voice recorder. Once you submit verbal dictation, it passes through three levels of screening before the company delivers it to your office. The result is clean documentation, making processing insurance claims easier.

The company offers a mobile application called Chart Net that allows you to dictate using a smartphone. This mobile application only works with Apple iOS. You can use it anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. In addition, you can use a PC for dictation. These options are safe to use and HIPAA compliant.

This medical transcription company claims a 99.5 percent accuracy rate with three levels of quality control: two before transcription delivery and one level after. Additionally, the service assigns a dedicated transcriptionist to each client. Every physician has their own dictation style, and with one person managing each doctor's transcriptions, it increases speed and accuracy. This is especially vital if your medical practice is highly specialized as it allows the team to become familiar with the medical terms unique to your practice. The service also assigns and trains back-up transcriptionists for each account, so you don't have to worry if your primary transcriptionist goes on a vacation or takes sick leave.

This medical transcription service adheres to HIPAA 5010 standards. It also accommodates the medical field's transition to the ICD-10 code. MedScribe transcription offers top-notch security by providing 256-bit SSL encryption. SSL encryption protects the transmission of confidential electronic records. All client information is stored and backed up on two redundant systems to prevent downtime.

This medical transcription service's web-based technology lets physicians access their dictations and transcriptions at any time on any browser. Through the portal search function, clients can search for transcriptions with a variety of qualifiers, such as by patient name or the date it was signed. The software tracks and records every interaction in a detailed audit trail from the moment a dictation is received. Clients can also access many reports, such as average turnaround times for their documents. Doctors can print single transcriptions or batch print transcriptions directly from the account portal.

MedScribe also offers other delivery options such as electronic health record (EHR) integration for up to 45 EHRs. You can also choose to have transcriptions faxed or remotely printed. The software allows you to store, fax and print information for physicians and clients. The transcription can then be set to automatically print or fax to physicians included on a transcription.

With 23 years in business, this transcription service has proven to be a leader in the medical transcription services industry. The company offers a variety of dictation options as well as convenient transcription delivery options, such as automatic faxing and printing. Its services can integrate with dozens of EHRs. MedScribe's web-based software includes some of the best security to keep your patients' information safe. Overall, MedScribe is a solid and secure medical transcription service for clinics and physician offices of any size.

Medical Transcription Services
The Verdict
MedScribe's turnaround times and security levels reflect high-quality performance.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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