Microsoft Azure Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

Microsoft Azure is a full-service cloud services system that offers backup services. While not meant for small businesses with simple needs, it's a great solution for larger small businesses with IT professionals on staff. This online business backup solution offers extreme security, a huge number of machines allowed per plan and other features that make it especially useful for growing businesses needing extra protection for their computers.

Azure allows you to set up 25 backup vaults per subscription, with up to 50 machines per vault. This makes it a good choice if your company uses a large number of computers doing separate tasks, such an online media site or a business with a large number of separate offices. There is no limit on the amount of data per vault, but the size of the data source has limits depending on the supported operating system.

It can store data for frequent access or archive data. You can create a bare metal recovery backup for your servers. You can also set as many recovery points as you wish. This online backup system does not do continuous backup. Depending on what client you are using, you can schedule backups once, twice or three times a day.

Microsoft takes great steps to protect your data. It transfers data over an HTTPS link and encrypts it to AES 256. It has multiple security and industry certifications beyond the standard PCI/DSS certificates. If you have offices in Europe, Azure can meet security and privacy laws for the European Union. It also meets the international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. It offers 140 data centers in over 26 regions and stores your data in two locations at least 500 miles apart.

If you are a government service looking for a cloud backup solution, Azure offers data centers for geo-redundant storage completely separate from its commercial servers. This protects your data from hackers targeting private companies.

Microsoft Azure offers other services, with each service costing extra, so you can get backup services along with disaster-recovery plans, virtual machine services and others. This online backup service is for small businesses with complex needs and may not be the best choice if you only have a few computers in the office that need backup protection. If you have a larger small business with multiple computers, each with its own data, or have stringent security needs, then Microsoft Azure is worth considering.

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