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Mint Social Review

By editorial staff, Writer | Updated Dec 15, 2018

Mint Social, a comprehensive social media marketing service, uses social media to build your clientele. It employs several SEO professionals, but its focus is strictly on social media. It incorporates a social media campaign into your online marketing plan using content marketing, brand development and reputation management techniques.

This online marketing company can help your business promote a successful brand through social media channels. It can help you maximize any media you have published such as press releases, articles or videos, to your advantage. If you need help creating content, it can help with that, too, even video content production.

If your company issues regular press releases, this social media marketing service has a visibility multiplier tool to take your press release and promote it across multiple platforms. As your campaign progresses, Mint Social continues to promote your press release as well as any other press releases or news your company issues. The result is a steady stream of content for your followers.

For businesses new to social media marketing, Mint Social establishes Google alerts for both your business's name and your personal name. It also sets up alerts for keywords affiliated with your business. This way, you're altered whenever Google finds anything online related to these key search terms, especially negative feedback. Mint Social checks your name often and addresses negative information said about you in the social networking world.

If you need customer support, its services come with standard assistance. You can submit your question or request via an online form, and you can ask to be added to the newsletter. Mint Social offers webinars you can sign up for, but there are no FAQs on its site.

As social media becomes more important for businesses in today's world, Mint Social helps put your business in the best light. This social media service engages your current audience through updated, fresh content while employing strategies to find new clientele so you can build an enduring, good relationship with customers. Though Mint Social only focuses on social media, it can help you drive traffic to your website and promote your content. editorial staff: Expert editorial staff, Writer
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