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MouthWatch Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

MouthWatch is a teledentistry platform that allows you, as a dentist, to interface with patients in remote locations and perform checkups from your office miles away with the help of a special camera, a dental hygienist and an internet connection. MouthWatch consists of an intraoral camera along with software that allows you to capture and share images.

MouthWatch's telemedicine platform is useful for providing dental care to remote or underserved areas, allowing you to perform dental checkups remotely. Patients come to your location for a checkup or cleaning. Once the cleaning is complete, the dental hygienist uses MouthWatch's intraoral camera to give you a live view of the patient's mouth and teeth.

The platform allows you to communicate with the patient and hygienist so you can make a proper determination whether an in-office visit is required or if no further follow-up is necessary. The platform allows you to video chat with hygienists and patients over a laptop or tablet.

The intraoral camera provides clear images and uses an LED light to illuminate a patient's mouth. The camera has a fixed focus and single button, which makes it easy to use. The camera integrates with most dental image and digital X-ray software.

Using this telemedicine service can save travel time both for you and your patients. It also lets hygienists see more patients, which can increase revenue for your practice.

MouthWatch is portable. Hygienists can take it with them when they make house calls to patients who are unable to travel or who have poor access to dental care. Images taken with the intraoral camera are stored in ExamTab MouthWatch's software and then uploaded to MouthWatch's cloud server, which is secured with HIPAA-approved encryption. These images can be accessed immediately or later at your office computer.

MouthWatch can also be utilized by other health care providers, including nursing homes that can use the platform to take images of their resident's teeth and forward them to a designated dental care provider for evaluation.

MouthWatch brings a unique telemedicine solution to dental health care, opening the door for dentists to deliver quality dental care to underserved areas, thus greatly expanding the reach of your office.

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