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MRI Software Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

MRI Software is an industry leader in online property management software. Depending on your level of need, MRI Software has a great deal to offer property managers, especially those that manage very large properties. It offers many property management options including commercial, residential and Bostonpost, a solution for affordable housing management. The software's flexibility in scaling and its thoughtful automating processes make this one of the best property management software programs, and it earns our Bronze Award.

The facilities management features offered by MRI Software are a little difficult to use but integrate very well with the accounting features to keep costs down and reduce redundancies that typically create mountains of paperwork. It's easy to email work orders to your maintenance staff and communicate with vendors using a module called Workspeed. You can easily pay your vendors electronically through this property management software, which helps keep everything moving smoothly.

MRI Software
MRI Software
Best Property Management
The Verdict
MRI Software is an especially good option for those who have thousands of units to manage thanks to its automated processes.
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If you need help marketing your properties to potential tenants, MRI Software has a service called VaultWare that helps you market your vacant units and manage online applications. When you receive new applications through your MRI Software portal, you can run a background check on potential renters and determine right away whether they’re suitable. You won’t need to seek a separate service to take care of this task, which saves you time.

MRI Software's various options include several management features. For example, you can set up an owner's portal to help communicate with any owners or managers whose property you maintain.

MRI Resident Connect gives your tenants a way to pay rent online, access lease documents and submit service requests. This area is customizable, so you can stamp the online portal with your own logo and colors, which tells your tenants that customer support is provided by your company. The resident portal of property manager software is a necessary feature to help keep your customers happy and feeling connected to you.

MRI software offers several types of technical support to its clients. You can easily contact them via email or by phone for direct assistance. If you want a community perspective, you can connect with other MRI Software clients in online forums to answer common questions and find solutions for problems. MRI Software does not have a live chat support feature at this time.

MRI Software shines with its integrated accounting features, particularly the residential option. Among the accounting features included are a general ledger, which can utilize cash or accrual-based accounting practices, bank reconciliation, various financial reports and check printing among other features. If you use QuickBooks and wish to synchronize your data, there are several ways to do that as well. It's also possible to migrate data from other property solutions.

This rental property management software allows you to prepare your tax documents, such as 1099s, which saves you time and money – there’s no need for third-party software to accomplish this task. You can also create automatic deductions to collect commissions and fees from your clients.

MRI Software has many offerings that complement each other well. These features give you maximum control over the properties you manage and the freedom to grow and offer dynamic service to your clients. It’s an online system that provides a variety of property services that cater to different property types.

MRI Software
MRI Software
Best Property Management
The Verdict
MRI Software is an especially good option for those who have thousands of units to manage thanks to its automated processes.
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