MyEvent Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

MyEvent is a fundraising site available for personal, group, sport and event fundraising. With three different plan options to choose from based on your fundraiser, this service has a wide variety of features to cover a multitude of needs.

This fundraising website allows you to create a personalized page for your campaign. Three different fundraising options are available, one free and two that charge monthly fees. With the paid options, you can choose to create a customized website with multiple pages for your cause. For all fundraisers, you can upload unlimited photos and photo albums as well as audio and video to customize your campaign. You can also upload documents for your sponsors to download so they can learn more about you and your cause. MyEvent charges a 2% service fee and 3% credit card processing fee on each donation you receive. You can offer your donors the choice of paying these fees for you separately, meaning that you will receive all of their donation.

This fundraising company offers various ways to help your campaign be successful. You can download a free ebook that provides fundraising event ideas and other tips. While your fundraiser is in full swing, you have the option to poll and quiz your sponsors so you can better understand their opinions and better cater to them, drawing more support for your cause.

MyEvent integrates social media tools, making it easy for you and your supporters to share your fundraising campaign with others. You can also sell tickets on your site to events you're holding that support your fundraiser. Online auctions are also available to set up on your page. MyEvent provides unlimited customer support for you and tax receipts for your donors.

There will be no ads on your personalized page, but you do have the option of selling sponsorship packages. When a company buys a sponsorship package, you'll make money off of their ads on your site or webpage.

With its low service fees, customizable options, support services and easy-to-use interface, MyEvent is worth considering for fundraising campaigns, especially if the fundraiser includes an event.

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