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MySchedule Review

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

Planning and sending out employee schedules every week can be a boring and repetitive task for managers. With its automated features, simple design and flexible tools, MySchedule alleviated some of the tedium that accompanies this important weekly exercise.



The Verdict

Replete with easy-to-use features, automated scheduling tools and in-depth reporting options, MySchedule is a solid choice for small businesses with staff counts of any size.

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MySchedule Pricing

Monthly subscriptions are common among employee scheduling solutions, and MySchedule is no different. While most companies also offer an option to purchase their services on an annual basis for a slight reduction in the overall price, MySchedule doesn't. What the company does offer, however, is one of the simplest pricing models we found in our research of employee scheduling solutions.

Other software apps we evaluated offer a tiered pricing structure, with more advanced features that become available with the higher-priced packages. It's a pretty standard pricing procedure for most industries, but MySchedule bucks that trend by offering only one price model – $1.99 per employee. Every feature is available from the get-go, and there's no need to upgrade your service.

However, that $1.99 per-employee price is current at the time of publication. Normally, the company charges 50% more – $2.99 per employee, per month. This "limited time offer" also comes with a 30-day free trial.

MySchedule has a simple tool on its website to help businesses calculate the monthly price of the software based on the number of employees they have. For companies with 10 employees, the monthly cost is $19.99; for 50 employees, the cost would be $99.50 per month, and for 100 employees, the cost is $199 per month.

The initial rate may sound enticing, but some simple math shows that small businesses with slightly larger staffs might want to consider another program if a lower monthly cost is what they're looking for.


For such a low per-employee cost, you might expect MySchedule's feature set to be lacking. In the time we spent evaluating the company's offerings, we can report that while it doesn't have an integrated timeclock (or any real integrations to speak of), you can anticipate some user-friendly features.

When it comes to creating schedules, MySchedule removes most of the boring, repetitive work. Managers can easily add employees, load saved schedules and filter schedules by position fairly easily. Once the schedule is complete, managers can publish it for employees.  Managers can also quickly swap employee shifts and approve or deny vacation requests when necessary.

Through the MySchedule interface, managers can handle multiple locations from a single account as well as clear shifts and combine saved schedules to create a "modular scheduling system." With MySchedule, managers can instantly message any employee or group of employees and make announcements that can be viewed by the entire staff. When something important needs to be addressed by a manager, MySchedule's mobile app on both Android and iOS sends a notification to employees' mobile devices.

Managers aren't the only ones who benefit from MySchedule's features – employees also gain some useful functionality. Employees can set up their own availability and make paid time off requests, though both instances require approval from a manager. With approval from a manager, employees can also drop or pick up shifts with little hassle.

During our testing of MySchedule's offering, we were happy with its quick setup, and it is incredibly easy to learn and use the system. Within moments, we were creating a faux schedule for multiple employees that could be manipulated with a simple drag-and-drop motion.

Additional Considerations

Along with MySchedule's schedule-making capabilities, this solution provides helpful data reporting tools that help business owners and managers visualize several data sets. Items like your business's overall labor costs over any given week help managers understand how things are going and where improvements can be made.

Once you're signed up, your MySchedule account grants your company access to free mobile applications, one-on-one training, setup assistance, technical support and access to a designated account representative.


While MySchedule has several promising aspects, there were some areas that gave us pause. If you're looking for an employee scheduling solution that comes with a timeclock, you'll be disappointed with MySchedule. This solution only creates schedules – it doesn't mark when employees clock in and out during their workday. You will need to find a third-party solution if you need that issue addressed.

Another issue is that there is little in the way of tech support. Sure, you can call the customer service line or email them using the contact form on their website, but if you want to handle any issues that crop up on your own, you only have four YouTube videos on the company's tutorials page to reference. Many companies have an extensive knowledgebase and other tools for troubleshooting, so the help resources seemed somewhat lacking.

Finally, as we mentioned in the pricing section, MySchedule is likely best suited for small businesses with fewer employees and locations. Large-staffed operations may want to look elsewhere, as the price will increase quickly.

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The Verdict

Replete with easy-to-use features, automated scheduling tools and in-depth reporting options, MySchedule is a solid choice for small businesses with staff counts of any size.

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins Staff
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