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National Data Group Review

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

As a list broker service, National Data Group specializes in email lists for consumers and businesses. With its full delivery guarantee and ongoing compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations, this Nebraska-based company can provide numerous list options and tailored email broadcasting options. Whether you're looking to reach a household with occupants of a specific demographic or a business with fewer than 50 employees and 10 locations in a selected area, National Data Group can get your company out in front of the right people.

National Data Group

National Data Group

The Verdict

Regardless of who you're trying to reach with your message, you can't go wrong with National Data Group for your email list needs.

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National Data Group Pricing

Your particular needs will greatly impact your final price from National Data Group. Since every business is different, it's hard to get a sense of what you'll ultimately pay without reaching out to the company directly.

Our research into National Data Group included us posing as a small business owner in need of a new email list for businesses and consumers in our area. Just as we did with every other list broker service, we asked for generic lists that covered a specific geographic area. After explaining our criteria, we received a quote that was broken down by the number of leads per list.

We were given the following prices:

  • For 5,000 consumer household leads: $500
  • For 5,000 business leads: $600
  • For 10,000 consumer household lead: $800
  • For 10,000 business leads: $1,000

Note that our figures were generated for a generic list and may not reflect prices for your business's specific needs. Different lists will have different price tags, so use our numbers only to get an idea of how much lists could cost. National Data Group also offers niche lists for an added cost.


As an email list broker, National Data Group doesn't boast too many extras. From its website to the lists it offers, everything is serviceable and competent, but we found its feature set lacking compared to other options. That being said, what National Data Group can offer its customers are still welcome inclusions for anyone looking to get an email list together.

  • Guaranteed email lists: List guarantees are very common in the list broker industry. Email list guarantees, however, are rare, since there are hundreds of free email address services that make changing email addresses as easy as changing socks. Since National Data Group specializes solely in email lists, the company has an 85% guarantee, promising that the vast majority of email addresses won't bounce your messages back when you use one of its lists. In the event that its information results in too many bounces, the company will provide 15% more email addresses to make up for those bounces upon verification. If it can't replace broken email addresses, you'll get either a refund or credit.
  • Frequent updates: Like any reputable list broker, National Data Group regularly updates its databases to make sure the email addresses it sells are usable, so you can confidently purchase its lists without fear of too many bounces. National Data Group says it checks its databases every 30 to 45 days.

Additional Considerations

As for customer service interactions, we had a pleasant time with the sales rep we spoke to. He was easy to understand and willing to answer any question we threw at him. He wanted to know about our company and other details, which he would have used to generate our lists had we not asked for as basic a list as possible.

In case you're looking for answers or you want to start the consultation process, National Data Group has a great automated chat function on its website that can streamline the process. Along with the phone and web chat, customer service is available by email.

If just purchasing a list isn't enough for your business's needs, National Data Group can also help you with email broadcasting. With this service, the company will either send your message or build you a custom email that it will personally send to your list. With this service, the company guarantees 100% inbox deliverability, as well as full analytical data upon completion.


National Data Group is possibly one of the most straightforward list brokers we saw. It does one thing – email lists – without too many extras. While that may be refreshing to some, it does come with a caveat or two.

The fact that there's a minimum purchase of any amount can be a dealbreaker for smaller businesses. At 5,000 records, you're looking at several hundred dollars out of pocket. For a fledgling business or solo entrepreneur, that can cut into revenue.

National Data Group's update frequency of 30 to 45 days is a little too vague and infrequent compared to other vendors. Nearly all the other companies we asked said they update their lists every 30 days, with some instances being even faster. If your list hasn't been updated in more than a month, chances are you will have numerous bounces, wasting time on your part.

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National Data Group

National Data Group

The Verdict

Regardless of who you're trying to reach with your message, you can't go wrong with National Data Group for your email list needs.

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins Staff
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