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Netmark.com Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Netmark's focus for online reputation management service involves optimizing your search engine ranking and building new assets to help push down negative reviews, but it also works with your company to improve your in-house procedures in order to keep your improved reputation.  

Netmark can do reputation repair as well as reputation management, but in either case, it takes a positive approach. It prefers to concentrate on increasing brand awareness, although the majority of its efforts goes to fixing the past at first. This is done by burying negative reviews with higher-ranking positive and neutral sites, which it develops. Most people doing a search will not look past the first or second page. Although it does not provide a means for channeling new reviews, it does track sentiment and offers coaching on handling negative reviews of the past as well as the future.

Online Reputation Management
The Verdict
Netmark provides a strong, client-focused online reputation management plan, with deep analysis, customer training and enhanced search engine optimization. It's among the best services.
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Brand, according to Netmark, is built by association, so its efforts are geared toward fostering positive associations. It works to create articles, blogs, a company wiki and other online content. It can create videos as well. It will promote your RSS feeds. Netmark writers can also create press releases; however, the sales representative emphasized that the company does not create press releases without specific reason. If it does have cause to send out a release, it will do so through its contacts at major online publications such as Forbes and Business Insider. This increases the chance that your news will get reported in the publications that matter to your industry.

Netmark's proposal noted some excellent points on our test case, such as a redirect from the website to a subdomain, which it says hurts our SEO. Also, it was the only company that noted that our test business had complaints that had remained unaddressed. Our representative said that hurts us as much as having the complaint in the first place, and urged us to dedicate someone to just addressing those issues.

This service has a set game plan that it details for you in the proposal. The first month is spent in analyzing the situation, including client status and expectations, current assets, sentiment analysis, and overall SEO health. This was the only service that was so invested in this research phase that it offered to travel to our test company to consult with us and our teams in order to recommend changes we could make on in-house procedures. This offer may have been in part because we are on the same side of the country, but it does demonstrate this company's willingness to go the extra mile. Also in that first month, Netmark begins developing new assets, with the goal of creating 15 new sites under our control. These properties and any others developed in ensuing months are introduced gradually in order to facilitate organic search engine growth.

You receive monthly reports as a matter of course, but this service will send more reports or make extra follow-up calls as needed, such as during an important phase of a campaign. The team also meets quarterly to reassess the progress of its work and make changes in direction as needed.

The campaign requires at least four months, with the last month focusing on solidifying efforts for a long-term benefit and working with our test company's staff to make sure it can continue good practices. Of course, Netmark can and does handle longer campaigns for businesses that find it more cost effective to hire out their reputation marketing. In fact, the company makes an effort to determine the profit gained from its campaigns so its client can make an informed decision on the value of Netmark's service. This service was willing to negotiate on price.

Social media is vital to maintaining a good online reputation. Most online reputation management companies recommend you have a strong presence in the top social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Netmark has people trained in social media who not only run the campaigns but also do research into the best practices. It was one of the few services that emphasized that our goal for social media is to develop interactions rather than simply increase the number of followers. Overall, people follow companies for two reasons: to get coupons or deals and to communicate with the company. Therefore, having 5,000 followers doesn't do as much good as having a smaller number of followers who share your information. This causes more links to your company, adding authority to your sites and developing word of mouth for your company itself rather than the Facebook or Twitter page.

This service employs multiple social media and SEO analytical tools, collated by an in-house system. This ensures you have a very complete picture of where you stand in how your website fares in search engines as well as online opinions. Website analysis is part of its research phase. It also has an employee do a manual search and evaluation, which resulted in some interesting insights in the proposal phase.

This service is sparse on online resources, having only a blog about SEO and other topics pertaining to online reputation management. This company also does not do a concentrated click campaign of existing sites in order to drive them up or down on searches or manipulate Google's autosuggest results. This method, which it called "click farming," is offered by some online reputation management companies, but is not a Google best practice, and Netmark said while click farming can initially push up a positive site or push down a negative one, there are risks involved in such an artificial manipulation of search results. Netmark is a Google partner, which means it adheres only to Google's best practices in SEO.

Netmark provides a positive approach and a variety of services to help you repair, improve or protect your online presence. We were impressed with its proposal, particularly in the focus on analysis and cooperation with our test company. It has a qualified team and multiple commercial and in-house tools to both analyze and track your online standings. It is among the best online reputation management companies.

Online Reputation Management
The Verdict
Netmark provides a strong, client-focused online reputation management plan, with deep analysis, customer training and enhanced search engine optimization. It's among the best services.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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