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Netop Live Guide - Chat Software Review editorial staff editorial staff

Editor's note: The manufacturer has informed us that Netop Live Guide has updated its pricing and features. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Live Chat Support Software reviews.

Netop Live Guide - Chat Software

Netop Live Guide - Chat Software

The Verdict

Netop Live Guide offers a simple and intuitive interface for both your operators and your customers.

Netop Live Guide offers helpdesk software that is intuitive and easy for both your customers and operators to use. Chat software handles incredible amounts of information and, depending on the live chat software they are using, operators can sometimes feel overwhelmed. However, when we reviewed Netop Live Guide, we found the user interface to be intuitive and easy to use in accomplishing basic tasks.

You can easily customize your site’s branding and workflow with Netop Live Guide’s offering. From the moment your customers land on the site, they have a floating invitation to chat. You can also customize the pre- and post-chat surveys, helping you get valuable marketing information about your visitors and critical information about your operations. To better serve your customers, you can use these custom surveys to assign employees to specific departments based on their skills. This kind of routing can help your employees better resolve customer concerns or questions by handling them quickly and effectively the first time.

As younger customers turn more frequently to mobile computing, the ability to handle live chat from any platform becomes vital. Netop Live Guide provides excellent support for mobile computing, including support for Android devices in addition to the typical iPhone and iPad. Netop does not include video chat in its basic version of customer support software, which many competitors do include.

Netop Live Guide also allows you to create and monitor unique chat campaigns. For instance, you can place a chat invitation on your company's Facebook page or inside a company email. To assist you with these chat campaigns, Live Guide interfaces with Google products, like AdWords and Analytics. It now also connects automatically to popular customer relationship management (CRM) application Zendesk, although not to equally popular and more established Salesforce.

To turn casual browsing into sales, your operators can inform customers of current promotions, provide information about products, give suggestions and help with technical issues. This chat software also comes with an entire series of customer identifiers to help you understand your customers better. Your operators can track customer histories, know where each one is located geographically and monitor the websites they’ve been browsing. Benefits of this information gathering cannot be underestimated. Customers, for example, never need repeat their concerns to a different agent because the history of an ongoing support issue is already there for any agent to see. And the information gathered can assist in planning company strategies.

When it comes to support, the Netop website has a virtual library of easily accessible information about Live Guide. There are user guides and videos that can help you master the live chat support software. There are also white papers that help you understand how you can best implement and use the software. And, when we needed to contact Netop by traditional means, its representatives were available by email, live chat and telephone, and our questions were answered promptly.

While some of Live Guide’s powerful tools, like video chat, are not included in its basic pricing levels, it is a powerful, efficient and scalable web chat software. Excellent reporting tools, clean design, and hassle-free installation and maintenance make Live Guide a good option for live chat software.

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Netop Live Guide - Chat Software

Netop Live Guide - Chat Software

The Verdict

Netop Live Guide offers a simple and intuitive interface for both your operators and your customers. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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