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Next Day Flyers Review

Sean Peek
Sean Peek

After extensive research into numerous direct mailing solutions, we found Next Day Flyers offers the highest number of mailers per campaign of any company we examined – up to 100,000 – making it our pick as the best direct mail service for high-volume needs. Not only can the company help your business design, print and deliver massive campaigns, Next Day Flyers can also get everything through its printing and mailing services in a matter of days.

Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers

The Verdict

Next Day Flyers is our best pick for high-volume direct mailing campaigns. From its production lines on both coasts and in-house shipping facilities, it can quickly turn around a campaign with up to 100,000 mailers.

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Next Day Flyers Pricing

The cost of a direct mail order depends on several factors, including the type of mailers you want to have printed and shipped, the quantity you want printed, and the mailing method. During our research, we found that most vendors in this industry require you to call their sales team to get a quote, and while a few have pricing estimates or calculators on their websites, you often have to hunt for them.

Thankfully, Next Day Flyers is different. It has a helpful breakdown of its prices posted clearly on its website that makes it easy to estimate how much your project will cost.

When we called the company, stating that we wanted to run a 5,000-piece, full-color, 4 x 6 postcard direct mailing campaign, we were quoted a price of roughly $1,980. We didn't get a precise figure, since many factors determine the ultimate price; however, we found Next Day Flyers' prices to be comparable to its competitors.

Again, because several factors affect a price quote, the amount you're quoted for your campaign may differ from the rates we were quoted. Below are some pricing examples from the company's website that include printing and mailing.

Full-color, double-sided, 4 x 6-inch postcard:

  • 1,000 pieces cost $481.95 for printing and mailing, or 48 cents per piece
  • 2,000 pieces cost $878.95, or 44 cents per piece
  • 5,000 pieces cost $1,980.95, or 40 cents per piece

Full-color, double-sided, 6 x 9-inch postcard:

  • 1,000 pieces cost $791.95, or 79 cents per piece
  • 2,000 pieces cost $1,349.95, or 67 cents per piece
  • 5,000 pieces cost $3,077.95, or 62 cents per piece

Full-color, 8.5 x 11-inch, trifold brochure, printed on 100-pound glossy paper:

  • 1,000 pieces cost $872.95, or 87 cents per piece
  • 2,000 pieces cost $1,560.95, or 78 cents per piece
  • 5,000 pieces cost $3,387.95, or 68 cents per piece


In our search for the best high-volume direct mail marketing company, we sought vendors that provide quick turnaround, regardless of the order's size.

Here are some of the features we found at Next Day Flyers that led us to recommend this company.

Two coastal production facilities: With the company's printing capacity split between two main production facilities on either coast – one in California and another in New Jersey – Next Day Flyers is able to quickly print and send mailers to any mailbox throughout the country. The company says it has a turnaround time of approximately four days, though some orders are completed the same day they're received.

Highest volume available: While speaking with a customer service representative during our research, we were told that the company can design, print, and ship up to 100,000 direct mail pieces, including postcards, brochures, and mail rack cards. In our research, we found that to be the highest number offered by any direct mail company on our list.

In-house mailing services: Along with the company's production capabilities, Next Day Flyers can ship your entire direct mail marketing campaign from its in-house postal service. Deliveries take three to five days if sent via First Class Presort, or seven to 21 days with standard shipping. How long your campaign takes to reach your customers also depends on the United States Postal Service. It's important to note that first class is only available for orders with 500 or more pieces, while standard shipping requires 200 or more pieces.

Flexible shipping options: If you don't want to have Next Day Flyers fulfill and mail your campaign, you can pick up your order from one of its three California locations or its New Jersey location. However, that option is only viable if you're close to one of those pickup points.

Affordable design help: Along with printing and shipping, Next Day Flyers can help you design your mailer. You choose the cardstock, coating, size and fold style for the piece, then you discuss the details of your campaign with the design team via email. The company's design professionals present you with a design 24 hours later. Graphic design services aren't included with your order. If you use this service, it costs an additional $35.

Quality assurance: Each order goes through a 33-point quality assurance check. Before shipping your order, the company sends you a free proof to make sure the mailer meets your specifications.

Mailing lists: Like all other direct mail companies, Next Day Flyers has targeted mailing lists available for purchase. You can select households in a specific area using several demographic data points to give your marketing campaign a more focused approach. While many vendors sell their lists, Next Day Flyers only rents them out. If you provide your own mailing list, the company will verify addresses for you, so no postage is wasted.

Additional Considerations

During our research, we called Next Day Flyers' customer service line, posing as a business owner and potential customer. Although the customer service representative was nice, it was a little difficult to get information from them. Rather than spend time on the phone discussing service options, they pointed us to the website to find answers for the questions we posed. While that's normally fine in today's high-tech world, it easily could be frustrating for small business owners who prefer to receive information over the phone.

The customer service line is open 24 hours, Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time on Saturday and Sunday. The company has a live chat app on the website and an email address for customer support. The company website also has a help center with training videos that explain its online design services, as well as a FAQs section.


While Next Day Flyers has many features that led us to recommend it for high-volume orders, there were a couple of things that were disappointing. First, it doesn't offer any sort of customer response tracking, which may be an issue if it's important to your business to know how well your direct mail campaign is going.

The other shortcoming is that there are no marketing consultation services included in Next Day Flyers' packages. Small businesses that don't have experience using this type of service may need an expert to advise them on how to optimize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. We received some advice in our customer service call, but if you don't need to reach out to the company for help, you may never get proper guidance.

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Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers

The Verdict

Next Day Flyers is our best pick for high-volume direct mailing campaigns. From its production lines on both coasts and in-house shipping facilities, it can quickly turn around a campaign with up to 100,000 mailers.

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