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NOVAtime Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

NOVAtime allows employees to track their time through computers, mobile apps, time clocks and telephones. In addition to logging when employees come and go, the system offers other valuable tools, including paid time off (PTO) management and scheduling.



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The Verdict

NOVAtime is a flexible time and attendance system that provides several hosting configurations, several options for employees to clock in and out, plus several valuable features and tools.

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For the cloud-hosted solution, there is a monthly fee per employee. Since you can pick and choose the features and tools you want, prices range from $2.80 to $4 per employee, per month. In addition to the monthly fees, there are one-time setup and implementation fees. For a business with about 30 employees, we were quoted setup costs starting at $500 and capping at $750. We were not provided pricing information for the on-premises licensing model or the hybrid option.  


NOVAtime is a full-service solution that provides the time-tracking options most businesses are looking for from a time and attendance system.

  • Multiple time-tracking methods. With NOVAtime, employees can clock in and out using time clocks, web browsers, mobile apps, and telephones. All of the options utilize push technology. As soon as an employee clocks in or out, the data is instantly uploaded into the software. With this, organizations have a real-time glimpse of employee data.

  • Touchscreen timeclocks. There several types of timeclocks to choose from with NOVAtime, including biometric, key-in, proximity badge, and barcode card options. All of the clocks include touchscreen displays, a large numeric keypad and multilingual capabilities. From the clocks, employees can clock in and out, ask for time off, input tips, and access timecards, schedules, and accrual information. Managers can use the clocks to enable schedule and meal lockouts and send messages to staff.

  • Mobile app. NOVAtime's app is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. From the app, remote employees can clock in and out, perform job transfers, review their work hours, check their schedules, ask for time off and submit timesheets and expense reports. The mobile app also includes geofencing to restrict where remote workers can punch in and out from.

  • PTO management. Organizations have the option of adding a leave management module that tracks accruals in real time. Employees can view their accruals online and from the time clocks. The leave management module also allows employees to ask for time and managers to approve or deny those requests. Both employees and managers receive email, text, or system messages when time-off requests have been submitted and when decisions on those requests have been made.

  • Scheduling tools. Another add-on module is for employee scheduling. With this, employers can create, view and edit schedules for individual employees or a group of workers. The system allows managers to create schedules of varying lengths. Employees can be assigned multiple schedules at one time.  

Additional Considerations

There are a number of factors that make NOVAtime a useful time and attendance system. Below are the features that impressed us most:

  • The system includes an attendance points tracking system. Point values can be assigned for things like employees showing up late or leaving early and unapproved absences. Employers can then set point thresholds that, when passed, notify the system to send an employee a pre-configured HR document that outlines the poor attendance behaviors. The points system can also be used to reward employees for following attendance guidelines.

  • To prevent confusion over time sheet edits, the system includes an audit log of each instance a time card adjustment is made. It notes who made it, what the change was and when it was made.

  • NOVAtime provides employers with more than 150 time and labor reports that can be configured for each business's specific needs.

  • The system integrates with more than 300 payroll systems.

  •  Administrators, supervisors and employees each have their own portal when logging into the system. The administrator portal allows those in charge to set up and manage the system. The supervisor portal provides details on direct reports, and the employee portal allows staff members to access their time and attendance data on their own, without having to ask human resources personnel for assistance.

  • In addition to the leave management and scheduling modules, other modules organizations can add their system include those for analytics, the Affordable Care Act, expense reports, and notifications.  


The biggest drawback with NOVAtime is that not all of the features are included standard with the system. Having to pay extra for things like scheduling and leave management can drive prices higher and could force some businesses to look elsewhere for a solution. However, this could be beneficial to employers who don't want to pay for features they don't use.

NOVAtime does not offer a live chat support option. It would be nice to contact the company via live chat when you have a quick question that needs immediate attention.

We were also disappointed that we couldn't find any record of NOVAtime with the Better Business Bureau. We would have liked to know if they are an accredited member and how many, if any, complaints had been filed against them.

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The Best Time and Attendance Services and Software 2020

The Verdict

NOVAtime is a flexible time and attendance system that provides several hosting configurations, several options for employees to clock in and out, plus several valuable features and tools.

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