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Omnitracs Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo

Omnitracs is a major telematics provider that can support vehicle fleets of all sizes. It has flexible software with a modern interface for simple, intuitive use. While not a best pick for 2019, Omnitracs still provides exemplary telematics solutions to its customers. Its software is customizable much like GPS Insight's, so you can build a dashboard that best suits your business. Other features also make it an ideal service for many small businesses.



The Verdict

Omnitracs provides intuitive, customizable software and a host of GPS fleet tracking features. However, its five-vehicle minimum is not ideal for very small businesses.

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You can manage fuel consumption, driver safety and route optimization in the Omnitracs software. Its features, which are largely on par with industry standards, are capped off with solid customer service and high software usability. Omnitracs provides plug-and-play devices with easy setup and no installation fees. It also offers several avenues for customer support, including live chat, phone and email support. If you're a small business owner, you should consider using Omnitracs for its sleek software and robust services.

Pricing and Contracts

Both contract length and cost will likely vary based on your business's needs and what plan you sign up for. When we spoke with sales representatives, it wasn't clear whether this company requires long-term contracts. You'll likely either be able to pay month to month or have to sign up for a 12- to 36-month contract. If the latter is the case, make sure you ask whether the company offers a trial period or a money-back guarantee. The company does require you to have at least five vehicles to qualify for service, which is one of the higher minimums we came across in our research.

The Omnitracs software has a six-second refresh time, which is among the fastest for software we reviewed. It can also support all your compliance needs, including for HoS, ELDs, IFTA and DVIR. This is one of the most comprehensive compliance solutions we reviewed. You can read more about the company's compliance assistance here.

Features and Services

  • Hardware and installation: Omnitracs provides both plug-and-play devices and advanced hardware for vehicle telematics. It's one of the few companies we reviewed that offers free hardware installation.

  • Safety: Omnitracs allows you to track driver safety, fuel management and vehicle maintenance. The hardware tracks harsh acceleration and braking, and it reports the incidents. You can set up alerts or view individual driver history to enforce safe driving policies. Should a vehicle in your fleet get into an accident, Omnitracs' Critical Event Reporting system will alert you in real time so you can start the necessary safety protocol. It's also possible to monitor vehicle health and track maintenance, ensuring you're never late on a tuneup. These features are essential for keeping your drivers and community safe. You can read more about setting up vehicle safety with Omnitracs here.

  • Fuel performance: You can run reports on your entire fleet to better manage your fleet performance and fuel efficiency. The Omnitracs software provides regular visibility for fuel levels, better route planning, and reduced fuel theft and shrinkage. Exact Fuel, the company's fuel productivity solution, can help you manage fuel discrepancies and better plan your fleet's performance. You can read more about Exact Fuel here.

  • Maintenance: Omnitracs allows you to reduce maintenance and repair costs by proactively managing your fleet's maintenance issues. You can look at the health of any vehicle in your fleet through the software, and even add on more features to better monitor and prevent breakdowns. You can also set up alerts for when your vehicles are due for maintenance. You can read more about Omnitracs' maintenance features here.

  • Alerts: You can set alerts and schedule reports to keep you informed on your fleet. Live alerts let you know instantly when a driver is speeding or comes to a hard stop. This also works for geofencing, so if you want to ensure your vehicles stay in your lot after hours, you can set up alerts for if they're taken out. Scheduled reports can keep you and your drivers informed on vehicle maintenance and general use.

  • Customer reviews: Omnitracs has an A with the Better Business Bureau, though it's not an accredited business. At the time of this review's writing, the company only had three complaints on its page, which is impressive. While there are some positive reviews of Omnitracs out there, we didn't see any reviews of the company on either Google or Facebook.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro
    • Omnitracs is a large telematics company that can support the needs of both big and small fleets. It has an extensive service with seemingly endless features for your fleets.
  • Con
    • The company requires a five-vehicle minimum for services, which isn't a problem for most companies but prevents very small businesses from using the service.

Ease of Use

Omnitracs' software is intuitive and works on mobile devices as well as desktops, so you can stay up to date on your fleet regardless of where you are. It boasts a six-second refresh time, which is among the fastest for companies we reviewed. You can overlay both traffic and weather data on the map. Omnitracs can also be used to set up geofences, alerting you if one of your vehicles enters or leaves an area.

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The Verdict

Omnitracs provides intuitive, customizable software and a host of GPS fleet tracking features. However, its five-vehicle minimum is not ideal for very small businesses.

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