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By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

With a simple editor and robust tools, Onbile is very easy to use for first-time site owners, yet it is just as useful for those experienced in mobile-website design. Also, this application provides a walkthrough to get your site off the ground. Onbile accommodates a wide range of skill levels and provides great-looking templates.

Onbile’s responsive designs are based on HTML5. This programming language, combined with CSS3, allows you to add videos automatically without creating a specialized widget. These languages also give you the option to convert your desktop site to a mobile-friendly format with the only variation between the two being a minimal layout on smart devices.

Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
Onbile is a great mobile builder for new and experienced users alike.
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This mobile-web builder provides 15 attractive templates that are prebuilt for salons, restaurants and portfolio pages. These can be customized to represent your particular brand. The quality of the templates far surpasses most others in the industry. After choosing a template, you can customize it based on color and industry type, and you can change fonts and layout.

We found that Onbile offers several ways to share your site and information with those who are searching for it. The social media tools allow you to add Facebook and Twitter buttons, among others, to your page so customers can share your business with one click. The mobile map instantly shows up when you fill out your business information, and it can be set up to show on your site. This can also help people find you on Google Maps, if you fill out the information correctly.

This mobile-site creator doesn't use its own reporting system. It is compatible with Google Analytics, which requires that you create an account with Google and input a code to your dashboard, but this is fairly common among site builders.

There are only a few video tutorials to show you how to manage your mobile site, but they pack in enough information to help you get started. Onbile largely relies on FAQs to answer the quick concerns you may have. Its email ticketing system is impressive and more advanced than those of many other services. It shows you a record of the questions you've asked and if any were answered. There is not an option for either phone or live chat support.

When you create a mobile site, you need tools that allow you to match your original URL and meet the needs of your audience. Typically, mobile sites rely on a landing page with a simple picture and buttons that lead you to a phone number. This designer provides links to contact forms, maps and profile pages, among others. Each page can be customized to include your own photo gallery or blog posts.

Onbile has simple features that help you attract and keep customers. For example, the RSS feed allows you to make a specific URL for subscribers. Even so, there are a few missing features, such as an icon gallery or the ability to add mobile coupons. These two features are offered by many other top mobile-website builders.

With the tools, you can embed videos, change your logo and add an image slider to any customized page. If you start with a package like the Professional plan, you can remove the Onbile branding and possibly add your own ads to start making money.

Onbile ranks so well because of its usability and number of quality templates. This attractive service can create a professional site. The design tools and marketing features provide almost everything you need to create and reach your online audience. We feel confident in the service that Onbile provides.

Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
Onbile is a great mobile builder for new and experienced users alike.
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