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OnBrand24 Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

OnBrand24 offers a strong list of both inbound and outbound call center services, with every core feature we looked for and then some. It's a great choice for businesses with a diverse set of needs, specialized requirements or the desire to scale with their call center partner. However, the company charges a high monthly minimum for its shared agent model, making it cost-prohibitive for small businesses on a budget and those with low call volumes.



The Verdict

OnBrand24 is a good option for companies that need both inbound and outbound services. However, its high monthly minimum of $2,500 could make it cost-prohibitive for small companies on a budget.

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You can choose a dedicated or shared agent plan. The dedicated agent service plan assigns a team to your business exclusively. These agents are trained to work with your employees and understand your brand intimately. Although they are paid by OnBrand24, they act like your own employees and can handle highly detailed, unscripted encounters with customers. Direct agents start at $24 per hour, which is average for the industry but may be too expensive for smaller companies. Most small and midsize businesses opt for the shared inbound service plan, which begins at about 80 cents per minute and decreases with higher volumes (which is below average for the industry).

Another option OnBrand24 offers is a semi-dedicated agent plan, meaning the agents handle your account along with one other client. They don't exclusively work for you, like a dedicated agent team would, but they are still highly familiar with your company and can go off script if needed. These agents fall between shared and dedicated agents in cost at $17 to $18 per hour. They can handle full customer service outsourcing, returns and complaints.

OnBrand24 requires a high minimum charge ($2,500 per month), so it is most useful if you have a large call volume. It also requires a 30- to 60-day pilot phase and a three-year contract with a 90-day opt-out notice requirement, the longest in our reviews. There are no cancellation fees, however. While this model isn't a drawback for large businesses with high call volumes, it may be a deterrent for smaller businesses.

Setup for an inbound program typically costs $750, plus $16 to $18 an hour per representative for training purposes. This is a rather high startup cost compared to other call center services in our review.

Call Center Features

OnBrand24 offers a full selection of both inbound and outbound call center services, making it a flexible option for companies with a wide range of needs or a desire to grow with a call center service partner. Here's a look at some of the key services OnBrand24 offers:

  • Live answering: Live answering is the central pillar of all call center and answering services. OnBrand24 agents will answer your incoming calls with a custom greeting and professional, friendly approach. Answering is available 24/7/365 as needed, around the clock, during business hours, after hours or for overflow calls.

  • Message taking: Another basic feature of call center services is taking messages. OnBrand24 agents will capture basic caller details like name, contact information, and reason for calling and simply forward the message to your designated points of contact via text message or email.

  • Customer service: You can outsource your more advanced customer service functions to OnBrand24. Agents can handle caller inquiries, complaints and feedback without forwarding calls or messages to your points of contact. OnBrand24 operates on all major communication channels, including phone, email and social media.

  • Help desk: Help desk services provide IT center and technical support. OnBrand24 agents can offer basic troubleshooting for products and software, as well as assistance setting things up. Any advanced assistance a caller might need can be performed by your provided points of contact if needed.

  • Order processing: OnBrand24 agents are available for full order processing, which includes walking callers through your e-commerce store to reduce cart abandonment rates, capturing their payment information and processing the transaction.

  • Sales: OnBrand24 also includes an outsourced sales department, which can help increase your revenue and outsource phone sales while your team focuses on day-to-day operations and onsite activities.

  • Live web chat: Live chat is an increasingly popular channel for customers to contact businesses. OnBrand24 will devise and implement a live chat solution for your website and deploy agents to manage the channel around the clock.

  • Social media management: Social media is another increasingly popular communication channel, and OnBrand24 can manage your social accounts in addition to your phones. Agents will moderate comments and respond to questions to keep you engaged with your audience.

  • Lead generation: OnBrand24 does more than just assist current customers and prospective clients; it can also drum up new leads for your company.

  • Customer win-back: In business, things inevitably go wrong and result in dissatisfied customers sometimes. OnBrand24 agents can pursue customer win-back activities, such as offering discounts to assuage customers who have had a bad experience.

  • Database scrubbing: OnBrand24 agents can scour your databases of emails and contact information to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.

  • Market research: OnBrand24 also engages in outbound market research, including conducting polls and surveys to gather new insights about your customer base. The data gathered can inform your business operations and marketing activities.


The most notable drawback of OnBrand24's service is the $2,500 monthly minimum for the use of its shared agents. Most call centers in our review have a very low minimum or no minimum at all. OnBrand24's monthly minimum is cost-prohibitive to small businesses on a budget, as well as businesses with a low call volume or ones that only want to outsource a portion of their calls. The benefit of shared agents is typically that they keep costs down while performing most of the advanced functions available with a call center, so attaching a monthly minimum could preclude many companies interested in a shared agent environment from meaningfully partnering with OnBrand24.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with OnBrand24 was average. It took us a few attempts to connect with a representative, and when we requested a proposal or pricing sheet in writing, it took a while for us to receive it. All our questions were answered, though, and representatives were patient and friendly.

Aside from the responsiveness issues, our experience was generally positive. However, customer service is especially important when you're gauging how well a call center will answer the phones on your behalf, so our difficulty reaching a representative and receiving a proposal was a bit discouraging. It's worth noting that once we made contact, the support we received was on par for the call center services we reviewed.

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The Verdict

OnBrand24 is a good option for companies that need both inbound and outbound services. However, its high monthly minimum of $2,500 could make it cost-prohibitive for small companies on a budget.

Adam Uzialko
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