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One Planet Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

One Planet is a global translation agency that specializes in multilingual and multiplatform translation projects. Its suite of services includes technical translation, software localization, cultural consulting and document translation. This company provides these translation services in a range of industries, including legal and patent, financial, and medical. One Planet does not have as large of a global presence as other translation services we reviewed, but its capabilities are no less effective or impressive.

Similar to other top-notch translation services, this one also boasts high-tech translation capabilities. In addition to software localization, One Planet can assist you with international SEO and localization testing. It also provides desktop publishing and can produce translated content in desktop publishing formats. One Planet can handle multimedia projects and has worked on video game projects.

One Planet
One Planet
Translation Software and Service
The Verdict
While not as large or well known as other services we reviewed, One Planet provides effective translation services across a range of platforms and languages.
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The quality of One Planet’s translations was quantified in our lab testing. In our test of English-to-French translation accuracy, One Planet received the second highest score. In the Spanish to English translation accuracy test, the business translation service received a score that was slightly higher in quality than the top ten average.

Beyond available services, stringent quality assurance is crucial in a translation service. Internal quality control checks ensure an agency's translations are accurate, consistent and culturally appropriate. One Planet uses only native-speaking, in-country translators and internally tests and certifies each one. Every project is fully documented from start to finish, and depending on the length of the project, you receive weekly progress updates.

One Planet uses the SAE J2450 standard for measuring translation quality. This is a quality metric for translation services set forth by SAE International, a regulatory body for the aerospace and automotive industries. The SAE J2450 standard was created to measure the quality of language translations within the automotive service industry, but it can be applied to translation services within all industries. One Planet is also compliant with ISO 9001 (a generic quality management standard for organizations in all industries), though the service is not currently certified under ISO 9001. It is also one of the few translation services we reviewed that also has EN 15038 certification, a European quality standard that applies specifically to translation services.

This translation service works with 150 languages, and is willing to seek out translators for additional languages should a customer come to them with a specific need. It returned our requested translation in excellent time.

One Planet uses translation memory tools to aid in human translations of documents and websites. Computer translation is not as accurate as human-powered translation and does not take into account cultural relevancies. However, translation memory tools allow translators to build a database of sentences and phrases that can be used on future translations. Utilizing this type of technology increases consistency, boosts productivity and can lower project costs.

One Planet members can log into the customer portal where they can submit requests, view the progress of projects, run reports and look up information on completed translations.

One Planet offers high-tech capabilities and translation quality. The translation company delivers superior translation services in a multitude of fields. For these reasons, One Planet ranks as one of the best translation services.

One Planet
One Planet
Translation Software and Service
The Verdict
While not as large or well known as other services we reviewed, One Planet provides effective translation services across a range of platforms and languages.
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