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OneSpace Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

OneSpace (formerly CrowdSource) connects freelance workers with businesses. However, rather than allowing contests or bids, or posting freelancers to let others select, this crowdsourcing service evaluates the freelancers for you and sends you the most qualified candidates for your project. It then also evaluates the project to ensure you get a high-quality product.

OneSpace provides 24/7 access to freelance workers across the globe that are qualified in specific content and data-handling tasks. They specialize in copywriting; moderating content, such as in forums or active comments for blogs; data tasks, such as categorizing data, tagging media online or checking data for accuracy; and transcribing audio or video files. It has partners to handle design tasks as well and is expanding its work offerings in 2016.

This crowdsourcing service has tests to determine the qualifications of its freelancers and only recommends those who are suited for the task you want. You can add additional qualifications tests. Once you pick a freelancer or freelancers, they complete the job and pass it to OneSpace's evaluators. Each job goes through two evaluators for quality control before being passed to you. No other crowdsourcing platform provides this kind of quality check.

You negotiate price and possible timelines with the OneSpace, which depend on the size and complexity of the task. You only pay for the delivered item. OneSpace also provides its own rewards and promotions to encourage quality work from its pool of freelancers.

OneSpace's crowdsourcing platform allows you to communicate with the freelance worker to provide feedback on his or her work as well as to develop longer-term working relationships. The company has XML and JSON APIs so that you can incorporate OneSpace's program into your own project management software. This gives you easier access to its workforce.

OneSpace's crowdsourcing program works differently from most of the other services we explored. First, it tests its freelancers to determine the fields they are most qualified in and only offers them jobs in those fields. Second, it runs every finished product through two quality checks before releasing it to you. You only pay for the delivered product. You can communicate directly with the freelancer, and this crowdsourcing platform offers an API so that you can integrate it with your other project management software.

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