OpenDrive - Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

OpenDrive is a cloud service that allows you to not only back up your data, but also to upload and access specific content, such as documents, photos, video and music. One terrific feature is the ability to edit documents that aren't on your main computer and sync files via the cloud to other computers and iOS devices. You can also collaborate with others on your projects, but you can't sync your email, contacts or calendar.

What sets OpenDrive apart from some cloud services is the ability to make changes to files on any of your devices, and those changes will be saved on all synced computers and iOS devices. For example, if you write a report at work and decide later you need to make changes, you can open the OpenDrive app on your home computer and make changes. They will appear on all the computers you've synced to this cloud service. There is an option to make changes, then save and create a new document.

OpenDrive - Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
OpenDrive - Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
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Once you've uploaded files to OpenDrive, you can share links to specific documents with others so they can collaborate with you. You can find and copy the links from the OpenDrive cloud service app or from your online account. No one is able to access anything without your providing a hotlink, plus all your data and files are secure, using a 128-bit encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.

The public folder is also a great way to share files and collaborate with others, and fortunately it isn't open for anyone online to find and access the files. You can allow certain users to only see specific items you upload, such as a report you're working on with a co-worker. But they won't be able to see vacation photos you've uploaded to your OpenDrive public folder for your friends and family to view.

When collaborating with others, any changes you or they make will appear across all synced computers. You won't have any issues with trying to figure out which document version is current since changes are made across all devices in real time.

If you don't have a Mac or Windows PC with the OpenDrive app downloaded, you can log into your account from any browser and access the document to make changes.

You can set up OpenDrive to back up all your important data by downloading the app to your Windows PC or Mac and setting it up to save whichever files or folders you'd like to back up. Files and folders are backed up safely, so if your system fails, you can restore data easily to your new computer or hard drive.

You're not limited to just sharing and syncing documents with this cloud service but also photos, music and videos. Once you've uploaded files, you're be able to view these across your synced computers and iOS devices.

While working between multiple operating systems and devices, including Windows, OS X and the iPhone or iPad, can be tricky, OpenDrive's intuitive apps and website interface keep things simple so you're not clicking around trying to find certain features or files.

OpenDrive's greatest feature is the ability to create documents on one computer, which you can then access and edit online with your iOS device or another computer. This cloud service makes it perfectly easy to sync all your files across every device you own. It's a great tool for collaborating with others, plus sharing your files, photos, music and videos is very easy, and the quality of playback is great.

OpenDrive - Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
OpenDrive - Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services
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