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OrangeSoda has a team of experts dedicated to creating and managing social media campaigns. When you become a client, you are assigned an account manager who oversees the entire process of auditing your current website(s) and social media profiles to promoting unique and compelling content for your target market.



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This social media marketing service offers different kinds of social media marketing services, including some that are unique. For instance, it can help you launch a sweepstakes and even create coupons you can promote across your social media channels.

One other beneficial feature of this social media marketing service is that it targets potential customers in your geographical area. OrangeSoda researches keywords and analyzes audience trends so you get more traffic coming to your sites from locals, rather than attracting viewers who might not ever make a purchase. This geotargeting feature is especially helpful for location-based businesses like restaurants.

However, one thing that OrangeSoda won't do for you is create your social media profiles for you. You have to create those profiles yourself, but once you do, OrangeSoda manages each step of your social media campaign from creating and promoting content to monitoring your campaigns.

OrangeSoda will link your profiles and business pages, which also helps with your rankings in search engines, such as Google. It promotes content you create on your different social media pages, or it can help you create content. OrangeSoda doesn't create videos, but it will promote video content you provide.

Once your social media marketing campaign has been implemented, OrangeSoda monitor its success and sends you progress reports. This social media marketing service also monitors your online reputation and addresses any negative exposure or comments.

You can connect with your dedicated account manager by phone or through email. This service offers some extended telephone support beyond the typical 9 to 5 business hours and is even available on Saturdays. You won't find FAQs or a live-chat feature on the company's web site, but there is a blog and articles about social media and business marketing.

OrangeSoda is a good resource if you need help creating and managing a social media marketing campaign. Your dedicated account manager helps you through each step of the process, such as creating an effective strategy, creating and promoting appealing content, and monitoring the success of your campaign.



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