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OsMonitor Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko Staff
Updated Sep 02, 2022

OsMonitor offers both basic and full-featured versions so allow companies of any size and scope can get what they need. The basic version is limited in its tools, but is ideal for small businesses on a budget. If you more advanced features, you can pay a bit more for the full version. Within each version, there are multiple pricing plans for businesses with different numbers of users. While OsMonitor does offer a strong slate of features, its user interface can feel cluttered and dated. Moreover, it lacks the complete access to tech support offered by many of the other employee monitoring software solutions in our review.

OsMonitor Review


The Verdict

OsMonitor offers all the core employee monitoring software features we looked for in our review; however, its outdated interface and lack of comprehensive tech support options could make it difficult to install and use.

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OsMonitor offers a limited basic version of its software as well as a full-featured version, making it flexible enough to adapt to businesses of any size and scope. The basic version does not include screenshots and webcam access, nor does it include live-chat monitoring, email monitoring or remote desktop access.

Each version has several different tiers depending on the number of devices you intend to monitor. OsMonitor can support as few as five devices and as many as 1,000. The prices are as follows:

Basic Version Pricing

Below is the pricing posted on OSMonitor’s website for the basic version of its software:

  • 5 computer licenses: $99
  • 10 licenses: $180
  • 20 licenses: $255
  • 30 licenses: $330
  • 50 licenses: $440
  • 100 licenses: $560
  • 200 licenses: $990

Full Version Pricing

Here is what you can expect to pay for the full version of OSMonitor:

  • 5 computer licenses: $198
  • 10 licenses: $345
  • 20 licenses: $510
  • 30 licenses: $668
  • 50 licenses: $885
  • 100 licenses: $1,125
  • 200 licenses: $1,800
  • 500 licenses: $3,600
  • 1,000 licenses: $5,400


OsMonitor provides the most important tools we looked for in employee monitoring software as well as some extras that are nice to have. Here’s a look at some of the features that are included with the full-featured version of OsMonitor:

  • Web activity monitoring: OsMonitor tracks user web activity, including website visits, open windows, time spent on each page and search queries across multiple browsers.
  • Email monitoring: OsMonitor tracks and logs all email conversations, including participants and content, sent or received by a monitored user in Microsoft Outlook. Attachments can be viewed. Unfortunately, OsMonitor does not support other popular webmail services like Gmail.
  • Applications: Application monitoring tracks the software programs an employee uses and how frequently they engage with each.
  • Live chats: OsMonitor tracks live chat conversations across multiple platforms, much like its email tool. Admins can see all participants in the chat, the content, and which platform where the conversation took place. All logs are dated and timestamped.
  • File transfers: Any uploads or downloads initiated by the user are logged and tracked for review, allowing admins to keep tabs on what files are being introduced to the device or sent by the employee.
  • Documents: Any files that are created, opened, edited, sent or received are tracked by OsMonitor. Admins can review the content of any document stored by a user to ensure that all files are work-related.
  • Removable devices: If a user introduces a removable device to the monitored computer, such as a flash drive, admins can see any files that were uploaded or downloaded. The purpose of this tool is to both defend the company’s network as well as protect against the theft of sensitive data or documents.
  • Admin rules: Admins can set up rules that automatically block certain websites or programs in addition to blocking employees from using USB ports or proxy servers. Admins can set different policies and permissions for different groups or individual users. Blocking certain websites, applications or behaviors is as easy as selecting the appropriate tab and then checking or unchecking the relevant boxes.
  • Screenshots: OsMonitor captures screenshots of users’ computer screens, providing admins with a visual context for any events the other tools are capturing. Admins can access the screenshot tool at any time to see up-to-date thumbnail images of what users are doing on company-owned devices.

Ease of Use

OsMonitor’s user interface is outdated and, at times, feels cluttered. A string of icons along the top allows for navigation between the various tools, but it’s not always clear what these icons represent, especially for a new user who’s becoming accustomed to the software.

The company’s statement on its website that “anyone can learn it in five minutes” is partly true in that you can learn the system by simply clicking around, but it will likely take you much more than five minutes to become proficient with the program.

To navigate through the software, you select the tools you want from the menu at the top of the screen, and the requested data appears in a central window below. For example, if you select Screenshot View, you will be presented with a series of thumbnails arranged in tile formation that show screenshots of your monitored employees’ computers. It’s pretty easy to make sense of the tools once you find them in the software.

OsMonitor Customer Support

OsMonitor maintains a technical support email line, but no other clear options for support. Most of the other employee monitoring software in our review included a helpdesk ticket system, phone line or webchat. OsMonitor does offer FAQs and self-guided reading materials to help you install and become acquainted with the software.


OsMonitor’s biggest limitation is its user interface, which is outdated and at times cluttered, both of which add to the learning curve. Ultimately, it is not a difficult application to use, but it’s not intuitive either. It can also feel clunky, and using a lot of tabs can quickly make the interface messy and crowded. However, the tools are relatively easy to use, and the monitoring aspects that OsMonitor offers are effective.

The other key drawback to OsMonitor is its lack of robust tech support. While tech support can be reached via email, OsMonitor does not offer more direct avenues to contact tech support like those we found in our review of other employee monitoring software.

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OsMonitor Review


The Verdict

OsMonitor offers all the core employee monitoring software features we looked for in our review; however, its outdated interface and lack of comprehensive tech support options could make it difficult to install and use.

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko Staff
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