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Overdrive Interactive can help you energize your online presence and attract customers using modern methods of online sales lead generation. It offers a wide range of lead generation and marketing features that have the potential to increase your leads, sales and ROI.

Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive

The Verdict

If strong social media marketing could help your business, Overdrive Interactive may be a good choice for your business.

This lead generation company pays particular attention to social media and the impact that it can have on your business. It developed Socialeye, a management platform that can help you control your company’s social media campaigns. Socialeye can help you focus your social media efforts. Instead of sporadically updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts with little idea what results your efforts are yielding, you can run an organized campaign with specific goals and measured results. The Socialeye dashboard gives you specific tools for content approval and publishing dates so you always know what is being published and when. That helps you make sure there is some activity on your accounts on nights and weekends as well as during the week. It also helps you see specifically what social media campaigns are bringing to your business. A tab shows how many visits your sites are getting, and you can break that information down by specific site. Social media is also a great place to promote your events, which this service can help you do.

Overdrive Interactive can also help you with content creation. It can create your social media accounts and profiles from scratch, not just help you track them once they're off the ground. The content specialists from this company familiarize themselves with your products or services and then create social media messages that can generate interest and quality sales leads. The content specialists can also help you produce informative graphics, white papers, videos and more – anything that helps leads want to know more about your product or service.

This service can also help you generate sales leads online using SEO tactics that help you find and integrate keywords that move your site closer to the top of search results. Overdrive Interactive can also help you set up and manage email-marketing campaigns. It sends electronic alerts, offers and invitations to prospective customers about your products and services. Overdrive Interactive can produce blogs designed to attract customers, and it can train your employees to take over the blogs so they can continue bringing you leads in the future, whether or not you retain the company's services.

Overdrive Interactive offers direct mail services, but instead of sending out unwanted material that potential customers may throw away, this company offers a print-on-demand option. This means that your marketing materials are only printed when they're requested.

This service doesn't offer telemarketing and appointment setting services, doesn't contact your leads directly or follow up with them. However, it scores your leads to help you estimate a lead's potential to become a customer. It does offers CRM integration, making it easier for you to transfer leads into your own management system, as well as a web portal with real-time reporting.

Overdrive Interactive doesn't offer traditional methods of B2B lead generation like appointment setting and telemarketing. Rather, it focuses its efforts on online marketing, particularly social media. It's well equipped to help you generate quality sales leads by creating new content, such as infographics and white papers, optimizing your website for SEO, and reaching out to potential customers via email marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

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Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive

The Verdict

If strong social media marketing could help your business, Overdrive Interactive may be a good choice for your business. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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