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Pandemic Labs is a social media marketing firm that collaborates with you to determine the best social media practices to raise awareness of your brand through Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages and drive traffic to your business. With experience in monitoring, advertising and content development, Pandemic Labs creates customized campaigns that also keep your team up to date on the latest trends in social media promotion.

Pandemic Labs

Pandemic Labs

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Pandemic Labs' approach emphasizes creating compelling content for your followers. Should your company or product go viral, they will bookmark your brand on sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. This service doesn't create social media profiles for you; however, it will take them over and manage them once you've set them up.

Since content is a big part of social media promotion for any business, Pandemic Labs offers its help creating videos, photos, even audio. Because it works with every aspect of social media, it can provide you with data about what is best for your fans.

Pandemic Labs has access to custom metrics that inform you about what is being said about your business. You can then determine which messages are resonating with customers. This service also analyzes trends across all of your social media platforms and adjusts your campaign where necessary. If the messages are negative, Pandemic Lab can address negative feedback and help you strengthen your positive online reputation.

Pandemic Labs also provides you with insights and measurements about your campaigns. You receive weekly updates that measure community growth, and the service regularly updates you on your company's progress. To help your team understand your social media campaigns, Pandemic Labs offers speaking engagements, panel discussions and workshops.

This social media service offers phone and email support plus consultations. Pandemic Labs also has a very detailed and frequently updated blog offering tips and commentary on social media-related news and issues.

Pandemic Labs creates a strong online presence for your company through the development, sharing and monitoring of social media content. If you haven't yet created your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you'll need to set that up yourself, but once you do that, Pandemic Labs can help you create compelling campaigns for your social media followers.

Pandemic Labs

Pandemic Labs

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