Paychex - HR Outsourcing Services Review

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Apr 12, 2017
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If you need assistance with your human resource tasks, Paychex has the services and tools to assist you. This HR outsourcing company offers assistance online, on-site and through outsourcing. It can assist you with most of your human resource tasks, including payroll, taxes, benefits, recruiting and training.

Paychex - HR Outsourcing Services

Paychex - HR Outsourcing Services

The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2020

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Paychex has been around for over 40 years. This HR outsourcing company provides valuable resources and support for any complications that may arise, with knowledgeable representatives to answer all of your questions and help strengthen the weaker areas in your department.

This HR outsourcing company can provide assistance for most of your company's HR responsibilities. It has the ability to assist you no matter what size of company you have. It helps to create guidelines specific to your company, not just general guidelines or boilerplate materials.

Paychex assists with recruiting and hiring. This HR outsourcing service helps you create the perfect job description for open positions and assists with resume screenings and background checks of potential employees. However, it does not assist in the actual interview process. You can receive materials to help the interview process run smoothly, but this company currently does not have a service that conducts interviews.

Payroll and tax administration are also services this HR solution offers. Paychex can handle all payroll responsibilities, along with tax administration. This company also has several options, such as a time clock and online tools, for keeping track of employees' time and attendance.

Managing employee benefits can be a large headache for an HR department, but Paychex can take most of that pain away. This HR outsourcing service specializes in employee benefits and ensuring your employees get the best options available. Specialists are available to answer any questions you or your employees have, and Paychex helps you with all types of benefits, including health, dental, vision, disability, life and even 401(k) plans.

One of the unique features available from this HR outsourcing and payroll outsourcing company is its on-site assistance. A professional comes to you and assists your department in areas of need. Additionally, an online account is available for you and your employees to view benefit information and make any changes to your personal information. While a Paychex representative is on-site, they can help set up the online account.

Paychex offers many other features that greatly enhance this service. You receive a customized employee handbook to meet the needs of your employees and ensure everyone is following policies and guidelines. This service also offers mobile options so you and your employees can access information on the go.

The Paychex website is full of resources to help you understand how this service works and to help your human resource department run more smoothly. If you wish to speak directly to a Paychex representative, email and telephone options are available. However, there is no live chat support to reach a representative quickly.

Paychex is an outstanding option for outsourcing your human resource tasks. This service can assist you in most of your tasks, though it does not conduct interviews. This HR solution also offers numerous features online and on-site to ensure you have all you need to manage your employees' needs effectively.

Paychex - HR Outsourcing Services

Paychex - HR Outsourcing Services

The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2020

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