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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 12, 2018

PayJunction provides merchants with the technology to accept credit cards online. This processor can also set you up with mobile credit card processing. It offers its own online virtual terminal and integrates with many third-party shopping cart software providers. PayJunction has few fees, but its interchange-plus rate is the highest out of the 20 companies we reviewed.

Interchange-plus pricing is the payment processing industry's preferred pricing plan. It's valued for its transparency since it gives merchants a clear idea of what markup they're paying their processor. PayJunction's interchange markup of 0.75 percent is the highest in our review. While it doesn't charge a per-transaction fee, as is standard with most processors who use this pricing structure, the rate is still so much higher than others that the lack of a per-transaction fee doesn't make up for it.

Accept Credit Cards Online
The Verdict
PayJunction has simple, transparent pricing and few fees.
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The only fee assessed by PayJunction is a $35 monthly processing minimum you have to pay if your business processes less than $10,000 in sales per month. This is higher than the industry average. PayJunction doesn't charge any of the other fees typically associated with accepting credit cards online. There's no monthly fee, no gateway fee, no setup fees and no annual PCI-compliance fee.

Our reviewers rated the online credit card processing companies in our review on their transparency and the consistency of information they provide. PayJunction received an 83 percent on this score. The information our reviewers received when they contacted the company's representatives matched what was posted online. PayJunction doesn't post information about its terms online, though, which lowered its score.

You can apply for an account with PayJunction online, and you only need to submit minimal information such as your business's employer identification number or your Social Security number if you operate as a sole proprietorship. It can take longer than we consider optimal to get your account set up. Approval takes between two and three days after you complete your application. There's no long-term contract with PayJunction; its service operates on a month-to-month basis.

The customer service representatives we spoke to were helpful and quick to reply through email with any follow-up information we requested. PayJunction offers live chat on its website as well as a knowledgebase that provides additional information about online credit card processing. It doesn't have 24/7 phone support or assign its merchants a dedicated account rep.

PayJunction doesn't charge most of the standard fees other processors charge. There's no monthly fee, gateway fee or PCI-related fees. However, if you process less than $10,000 per month, you are charged a $35 monthly minimum. While it doesn't charge a per-transaction fee, its interchange-plus rate is the highest our reviewers saw. It offers a high amount of transparency, and offers several forms of customer support.

Accept Credit Cards Online
The Verdict
PayJunction has simple, transparent pricing and few fees.
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