Payline - Credit Card Processing Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 2, 2018

Payline is a credit card processor that offers an easy application process and attractive service terms. It has some of the best customer service of the processors we reviewed, and its processing costs are better than average.

Of the processors we reviewed, Payline had the quickest application time and the greatest ease of application. The application can be completed online in approximately ten minutes, and accounts can be set up the same day, though some accounts may take longer to approve. Payline is one of the quickest processors when it comes to clearing the account and depositing money into your business bank account, taking only one business day from when you batch out.

Payline - Credit Card Processing
Payline - Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing
The Verdict
Payline has great service terms and customer support as well as good processing costs that offset its fees.
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Payline allows you to process month to month; you won't be tethered to a long-term contract. There are no cancellation fees. If you receive an application that specifies a three-year term, ask for a waiver to ensure that you're signed up on a month-to-month basis.

The credit card processing industry is shifting towards interchange-plus pricing, also called cost-plus or pass-through pricing. This is the pricing model that Payline offers to all of its merchants. The interchange-plus rate that Payline quoted us, 0.20% + $0.10, which is also displayed prominently on the company's website as one of its pricing plans, is a competitive rate that compares favorably with the rates of other processors we reviewed. Payline offers two plans: the Pro plan for businesses that process more than $5,000 a month and the Simple plan for businesses that process less than $5,000.

Payline has many of the standard fees that credit card processors charge, including a monthly fee, a PCI-compliance fee and a monthly minimum. None of these fees are particularly onerous, and the PCI compliance of $99 and monthly minimum of $25 are average for the processors we reviewed. The monthly fee of $20 is higher-than-average compared to the processors we reviewed.

A positive thing to note about Payline is that unlike most other processors, the monthly minimum is derived from the full cost of transactions instead of just the processing costs. This means that you only have to process $25 worth of transactions (not the fees, just the amount you charge your customers) to meet the minimum each month, which makes it an attractive option if you're new to processing and worry about meeting this requirement.

If you want to process payments online, Payline can set up a payment gateway for you. You have to pay a setup fee and an ongoing monthly gateway fee. There is also an additional per-transaction fee added to each online transaction.

Payline impresses with its transparency and the consistency of the information it provides. It lists the processing costs, fees and terms online, and this information matched what we were quoted when we spoke with customer service representatives.

Customer service is another area where Payline stood out in the course of our testing. The reps we contacted were helpful, courteous and knowledgeable, explaining industry terms like PCI and interchange to us. Payline provides you with a dedicated account rep, offers 24/7 phone support and hosts live chat on its website.

If costs and fees are your primary factor when choosing a credit card processor, Payline offers interchange-plus pricing that is better than average. This processor has favorable account terms and a quick setup time, clears accounts quickly and provides excellent customer service.

Payline - Credit Card Processing
Payline - Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing
The Verdict
Payline has great service terms and customer support as well as good processing costs that offset its fees.
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