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Portent has a team dedicated to social media strategy and marketing with experience in branding, reputation monitoring and online content promotion. It is one of the few in our buying guide that offers an analysis of your competition as part of the initial research phase. It will also help you identify your target audience and determine trends in your geographical area to help create an effective campaign. Portent works with companies of all sizes and now has a small business hub, where it focuses on social media marketing for small businesses at cost-effective prices.



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Once you have your social media business plan in place, Portent assists you in creating content to help promote your brand and gain more recognition in the social media world. This includes video production and podcast creation. Of course, if you prefer to create content yourself, Portent will help distribute it on the most pertinent social networks. You have to create your social media profile yourself, but Portent will take over from there and manage your sites for you.

Portent has social media tools for tracking the success of your social media and business campaigns. It will audit your sites to offer social media tips for business and see where there may be any gaps, after which it provides an analysis and suggestions of how to close those gaps.

It will monitor and manage your online reputation to ensure any negative feedback is promptly dealt with to ensure your image remains intact. This service will also provide you with an ROI report.

This service has both email and telephone support available. Portent doesn't have specific training tools or materials available. However, its blog has some interesting articles about online marketing plus a video tutorial that explains more about what Portent does. It also has a few case studies so you can see how it has managed other social media campaigns.

This social media company offers some of the best tools for promoting your business using social media networks. It can help you establish a strong marketing strategy, taking into account local trends, your target audience, and the strength and weaknesses of the competition.

Portent manages the promotion of your online content while monitoring your campaigns throughout the process. While there are not a lot of extra support features available, such as training materials, Portent does have several case studies on its website so you can gauge its success with other clients before committing to its service.



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