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By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 8, 2018

Power Translator is translation software from language company LEC. This translation application is rich in functionality and supports many file formats, including popular business products from Microsoft.

Power Translator's parent company, LEC, supports a total of 20 languages that can be combined in various ways to make 300 language pairs. Its product offerings range from single language pairs to multilingual packs and from subscription services to stand-alone software. The LEC Power Translator World pack that we reviewed supports English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. This otherwise great language bundle does not include the remaining LEC languages, which are Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Pashto, Persian, Tagalog and Turkish. A free, six-month subscription to Translate DotNet comes with your purchase, however, and supports the additional languages. Once your subscription expires, if one of these language pairs is important to you, you can subscribe to it for just a few dollars a month.

Power Translator
Power Translator
Translation Software and Service
The Verdict
With voice-activated functionality, multilingual packages and the ability to translate Microsoft documents in their original format, Power Translator is the ideal businesses application.
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Languages not only make up this product offering, they are also a large part of its unique functionality. Like several of the best translation software packages, one of this application’s features is the ability to convert text to speech. This helps you learn the correct pronunciation of words you may not have met before. A second, less typical, part of Power Translator’s language functionality is the ability to speak into your computer and have it recognize the text, correct it and prepare it for translation. And in a feature that you rarely see in translation software, you can also control the application in most of the languages offered with convenient voice commands.

Power Translator comes with many useful features. You can translate entire file folders with a batch-processing tool, you can access specialized dictionaries to give your document better context prior to translation, you can specify a term like “Notre Dame” that should never be translated and a robust spell checker automatically corrects your original text before translation for greater accuracy and consistency. Hover translation is another of Power Translator’s useful features. If you place your cursor over a word, sentence or paragraph in any document or on any website, you can see an immediate translation.

The best translation programs now includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality and Power Translator contains this lesser known translation technology. Borrowed from document scanning and photography, OCR recognizes text in digital images, PDFs and scanned documents and translates discovered words or phrases into searchable text. This is really helpful if an overseas employee sends you a screenshot of a computer problem or a photo of a document. Power Translator parses such images for their text content and translates it for you.

A full range of support options is available on the LEC website, including FAQs, how-to videos, help files and user guides. There are also support helps inside your application. One of the options under the “Help” button is automatically bringing up an email to LEC support. You can also access a chat service from inside your application. This chat is very informal and translates as it goes to give you the ability to chat with people around the world without having to worry about any sort of language barrier.

Power Translator converts entire documents from any Microsoft Suite application into translated duplicates in a simple, user-friendly process. The copies you create retain all the original formatting, so this works just as well for a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet as it does for a Word document.

Power Translator also works well with web browsers. You can translate, save and print webpages. Power Translator can open and translate many other document types, as well. In addition to Microsoft’s DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX, this software can open file formats XML, ODF, RTF and HTML. And, if you do run into a program that Power Translator does not support, you still have the option to copy and paste the text directly into the software’s translation engine.

LEC’s Power Translator is supported by all recent versions of the Windows operating system. And while individual pieces of LEC’s software are Mac-compatible, the World multilingual application is a Windows-only application.

LEC Power Translator 15 World is a robust and reliable translation software that more than meets the needs of companies with employees in offices around the world. With its voice-activated functionality, easy translations between many languages and the ability to make translated copies of Microsoft documents, Power Translator provides fast and accurate tools for global business communication.

Power Translator
Power Translator
Translation Software and Service
The Verdict
With voice-activated functionality, multilingual packages and the ability to translate Microsoft documents in their original format, Power Translator is the ideal businesses application.
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