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PrimePay Review

By Matt D'Angelo, Writer | Updated Mar 12, 2019

PrimePay makes running payroll for your business a simple and easy process. In fact, it breaks the process down into three simple steps on its platform. It also has all-inclusive services that include time and attendance software and new hire reporting. There are several other payroll features, including multiple payment types for employees and unlimited reporting options. If you partner with PrimePay, your workers are able to access important payroll information at any time through the company's portal. While PrimePay provides small businesses with solid payroll features, it charges on a per-payroll basis.



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The Verdict

PrimePay is a full-service online payroll system that handles all payroll processing and payroll tax obligations. It comes with a number of other added services, like new hire reporting and applicant tracking and onboarding, for no extra charge.

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PrimePay Pricing and Terms 

The cost of PrimePay is based on the number of employees you have and how often you pay them. There is a helpful tool on the company's website that shows you how PrimePay's pricing fluctuates based on how often you pay employees. 

For a business with 25 employees with biweekly pay periods, PrimePay costs $66 per pay period, plus $2.90 per paycheck. For businesses with less than 10 employees, the base per-payroll fee drops to $60 per month; however, the per-paycheck fee increases to $3.70. 

At the time we evaluated PrimePay, the company was offering two free months of service. There are no contracts with PrimePay.  You are billed monthly and can cancel at any time. 

Payroll Services and Features 

PrimePay not only provides all the services businesses need from an online payroll provider, but a number of other services are included at no additional cost. Here is what is included with your plan: 

  • PrimePay is a cloud-hosted solution that can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, the system can be tapped into from the PrimePay mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

  • Processing payroll with PrimePay is a simple three-step process. First, you automatically import your time and attendance data. Next, you click on the Add a Check link. You then click Calculate Your Checks, and your payroll is ready for your review. Once you preview the pay data, you click Submit, and your payroll is complete.

  • You can pay employees by direct deposit, prepaid debit card and paper check. PrimePay offers check signing, sealing and stuffing services. Statements can be viewed online.

  • PrimePay handles all payroll tax obligations. The service calculates, files, and pays local state and federal taxes on your behalf. Additionally, it provides year-end tax forms for your employees. PrimePay offers a tax guarantee. Should an error be made, the company will fix the mistakes and pay any fines that might be incurred.

  • Employees have access to the system. They can log in to review their pay stubs and year-end tax forms. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pro
    • The company provides a helpful tool on its website so you can see how PrimePay's pricing changes based on how often you pay employees. This level of transparency is impressive.
  • Cons
    • PrimePay charges its customers on a per-payroll basis. While this isn't necessarily a con for all businesses, it's important to keep it in mind as you search for the right service. 

Additional Considerations 

PrimePay offers several other valuable services, such as: 

  • PrimePay provides organizations with a range of payroll-related reports, including payroll journals, workers' comp recaps, year-to-date masters, general ledgers and 401(k) imports.

  • All PrimePay users can access the company's cloud-based time clock system for no additional cost. The system fully integrates with the payroll service. It includes the ability to punch in and out online, employee scheduling, paid time off management, overtime settings, proactive alerts and a mobile app.

  • PrimePay's HR advisory services are available at no added cost. This gives you access to an employee handbook builder, employee training courses and an online human resource library.

  • Among the other services included in PrimePay's payroll offering are new hire reporting, applicant tracking and onboarding services, and access to an online document center.

  • Other services PrimePay offers include health insurance services, like flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts, retirement savings plans, and merchant services. 


You are charged on a per-payroll basis. Some providers allow for unlimited payroll runs for one flat fee. 

Another drawback is that PrimePay isn't an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Despite that, however, the company has an A+ rating. Only three complaints, as of February 2019, have been filed against the company in the past three years. 

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The Verdict

PrimePay is a full-service online payroll system that handles all payroll processing and payroll tax obligations. It comes with a number of other added services, like new hire reporting and applicant tracking and onboarding, for no extra charge.

Matt D'Angelo: Contributing Writer
Matt D'Angelo, Writer
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