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Sean Peek
Sean Peek

Small business owners who want to reach a targeted set of customers by mail should consider, our pick for the best direct mailing service overall. With more than two decades of experience, this Montana-based company can not only print and send a wide range of mailers in a timely fashion, but also help business owners design attention-grabbing mailers.

The Verdict

Thanks to its speedy turnaround, accessible graphic design options and in-house shipping capabilities, is our pick for the best direct mailing service overall.

Of the direct mail companies we examined, is the most comprehensive and reasonably priced option for small businesses with varying direct mailing goals. Whether you're looking to send simple postcards or want to create a custom brochure that fits your brand's message, has the tools to let small business owners take a hands-on approach to their direct mail marketing campaigns.

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When trying to suss out how much a direct mailing campaign will cost you, you'll note that few companies outline their pricing information in detail on their websites. Some of the variables that go into direct mail pricing are the mailer type, its size and quality, and how many pieces will be printed and shipped.

You can get a ballpark estimate for costs on's order pages for the various items it offers. This is a welcome feature, since many vendors on our list require you to speak with someone in the sales department to get any pricing information.

As part of our testing, we reached out to for a quote. Posing as a small business owner, we told the sales representative that we were looking to create a direct mail campaign of 5,000 5 x 7 postcards with color printing on both sides to be delivered through bulk mail. What we received in our quote was a small breakdown based on quantity. Here are the prices we were quoted:

  • For 500 postcards, the total cost would be $539.25.
  • For 1,000 postcards, the total cost would be $764.45.
  • For 2,500 postcards, the total cost would be $1,440.05.
  • For 5,000 postcards, the total cost would be $2,516.05.

These prices are comparable to what other vendors in the direct mail space charge. While these figures give you a good idea of how much a direct mail marketing campaign with this company could cost, it's important to note that the prices you're quoted will differ, depending on the printing options you select.


Small business owners need a direct mailing partner that can handle the entire process from start to finish. After researching many direct mailing services, we found that has an impressive selection of features that make it easy for a small business to run a snail-mail marketing campaign. Here's a sampling of what it has to offer.

Format options: offers a variety of mailer formats. You can choose from brochures, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, greeting cards and other printed products.

Option to use your own design: Before any of your mailers can reach their intended audience, they need to go through a graphic design process. If you've already created a design for your mailers, you can upload it directly to PFL's site to use for your campaign.  

Accessible in-house design team: If you need design assistance, has professionals on hand to help you create eye-catching mailers. There is an additional cost for this service. During this process, you provide details like the size of your mailers and a general outline of what you want it to say. After a follow-up call, PFL's design team sends you a digital proof to review. Following three rounds of corrections, the design is finalized and set for production. If you want to see what your printed design will look like, the company offers free custom samples. 

Eco-friendly printing: At PFL's 100% wind-powered production facilities, direct mailers are printed on recycled paper and cardstock using vegetable-based inks.

Mailing prep services: After printing, you can insert any additional items you want into your mailers. The company also offers tabbing, addressing and labeling services for each order. ensures that each bulk mailing effort meets postal service guidelines before it goes out.

Direct shipping from facilities: The company handles shipping directly from its facilities. If you have your own mailing list, you can send it to, and it will remove any duplicate or inaccurate addresses. In most cases, however, you will need to rent a mailing list for one use, two uses or unlimited uses over a one-year period. If you rent a mailing list, you will be able to select specific addresses based on a variety of demographic options, allowing you to maximize the potential impact of your direct mailing campaign.

Reasonable turnaround: The overall turnaround time for is consistent with other services, though it's on the lengthy side of our average findings. Design can take up to two days, production can take another four or five days, and shipping time depends on the option you choose. First-class mail takes one to three days, while bulk mail takes two to nine days. Since can handle up to 50,000 items per order, the turnaround time also depends on how many pieces need to be printed and shipped. 

Additional Considerations

When we called the company, posing as a potential customer, we had a positive interaction with the customer service department. The rep we spoke with was courteous and took the time to go over the company's offerings. Throughout the conversation, they asked us questions about our supposed business and made helpful suggestions to make sure our direct mail marketing campaign would be successful. They asked about the area our business serves, our target audience and how often we wanted to get our promotional materials into mailboxes. At no point did we feel pressured to consider upgrading to higher-priced materials for our mailers, though we were told of their existence. 

If you prefer not to speak with a customer service rep, also has a support email address, as well as an extensive FAQs section on its website.  


Impressed as we were with this company, we did notice some drawbacks. Among the companies we examined,'s design options are among the most expensive. For a 5 x 7 postcard, we were told design could cost $90 to $129, depending on whether the final product would be one-sided. Sure, you will own the design afterward, but in our research, we found other companies that provide design services for less money. 

Furthermore, has no way of quantifying how your direct mailing campaign is going in terms of customer engagement. Some direct mailing companies offer telephone and online tracking to help you learn how effective your mailers were, as well as insights into what your potential customers want. The only tracking offers is shipping tracking, which is helpful but doesn't provide any customer insights.

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The Verdict

Thanks to its speedy turnaround, accessible graphic design options and in-house shipping capabilities, is our pick for the best direct mailing service overall.

Sean Peek
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