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Promas Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Promas Rental Property Management is online property management software designed for owners and fee-based property managers. Promas also markets a more advanced version of the product called The Professional Landlord, which is only available on desktops.

This property manager software maintains static and operational data for every property under management. To promote your property, you have access to the property address and description, pet policy, signage, lockbox information, photos and flyers. In order to post vacancies online, or applications, you need to work with third-party services that integrate with Promas. Owner statements can be published to an owner's web portal with a different report layout for each owner.

Best Property Management
The Verdict
Promas provides good tenant and facilities management features and accounting capabilities, but it relies on third-party services to help manage all of your tasks.
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Tenants have access to a web portal where they can access their accounts. Tenants can make electronic rental payments via a number of third-party services, such as Paylease. If the tenant chooses the Paylease option, you can access Paylease from within the product. Promas can track multiple tenants per unit and their emergency information. It automatically calculates and tracks interest on security deposits, and it can release partial amounts of security deposits. You can design custom letters and send multiple notices per tenant. Balance information can be inserted into the letters.

You can use this rental property management software to print or email work orders to vendors, import work orders into invoices, track the status of an order through its life cycle, hold back the work order from owner distribution, and track and report on assets. The product tracks important facilities management items, such as inspections that are due and insurance policies. You can use the product to track when keys are checked out, who has keys and when they are checked back in.

User-access levels can be restricted by function but not by property. You can generate one-time or recurring notes to owners and tenants. Checks to owners can be allocated by percentage of ownership and owners can be paid electronically by ACH. Fee-based managers have good control over how Promas Landlord Essentials tracks commissions and fees (with automatic sales tax calculations) in the management ledger.

This property management software also supports multiple bank and checking accounts, escrow accounting and bank statements. MICR check printing is included. The product supports electronic filing for 1099s and includes more than 200 reports with user-selectable date ranges and sort orders. Invoices can be entered into a holding file, paid when due and be automatically converted from work orders. Unpaid amounts can be withheld from owner distributions. This service does not have synchronization with QuickBooks, but the strong accounting features are intended to replace your need for a different accounting program.

Promas is easy to use, even if it isn't the absolute best property management software available. There is context-sensitive online help with procedures that cover common situations. If you can't find what you looking for, you can search by word and topic.

Email support is included. Telephone support is available for a monthly fee. Training is also available for a small monthly fee. A free telephone consultation is available if requested within 30 days of signing up. The website contains free live and recorded webinars. The vendor does not host an online user forum or blog, but you can find FAQs and how-to guides on its website.

Although it lacks native vacancy-listing features, Promas provides good tenant and facilities management features. It has great accounting functions for investment managers and fee-based managers with uncomplicated fee structures. If you're seeking an online property management solution that offers dynamic accounting features, Promas is a good bet.

Best Property Management
The Verdict
Promas provides good tenant and facilities management features and accounting capabilities, but it relies on third-party services to help manage all of your tasks.
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