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Prosoft Engineering Review

Brian Nadel

Prosoft Engineering's Data Rescue Center can keep a dead hard drive from ruining a business's prospects, with the ability to repair it and recover what it holds. Whether the problem is a burned-out motor, worn heads or a simple software error, Prosoft can help with its trained staff, Class 100 cleanroom and decade of experience recovering data in difficult situations. It does so without an international presence and consulting to make data more resilient.

Prosoft Engineering

Prosoft Engineering

The Verdict

Prosoft's Data Rescue Center has the staff, equipment and experience to squeeze every bit of data from a worn-out server drive or dead notebook. In addition, the company can diagnose and repair all sorts of storage equipment.

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Prosoft Data Rescue Center Pricing

Rather than setting its fees based on the data that needs to be recovered, Prosoft charges customers based on the time and effort necessary to do the repairs. That said, the company attempts to keep its prices low, which is good news for small businesses with broken drives. The typical software problem might cost $600, while a hardware repair and extraction might run $1,600.

The recovery process is transparent, and Prosoft offers a single point of contact to keep you up to date on the data recovery's progress. It offers free shipping and has partnered with credit card processor Square to do something that small businesses with stressed cash flow will appreciate: financing with an installment plan to pay for the repair and recovery work.

The company offers one way to get your recovered data: It ships it to you on a fresh drive along with your original device. Prosoft keeps a separate copy locked in a safe for a month, just in case. That drive is erased with multi-pass software a month after you receive your data. Unlike many of its competitors, to protect your most mission-critical data, Prosoft will securely destroy the original drive if you ask.

Prosoft offers several pieces of industrial-strength software that could help you avoid professional data recovery. Its Data Rescue 5 program works with PCs and Macs and scans an errant drive, looking for faults and recovering many that others miss. There's a free trial that lets you preview what's recoverable, but to actually extract the data, you'll need to pay $99 for up to five drives or $299 for an unlimited number of drives.

Prosoft's Data Genius 5 works only with Mac computers and aims at maintenance to prevent the need for data recovery altogether. It not only monitors the drive for faults, but can perform 18 drive functions, like repartitioning a drive and fixing data faults. This software costs $79.

Prosoft Data Rescue Center Services  

If a damaged server drive, a broken tablet or a flash drive with accidentally deleted files are slowing your business down, Prosoft Engineering's Data Rescue Center can bring them back with a variety of software and data recovery services.

Founded in 1982 as a software company, Prosoft started repairing drives and extracting data a decade ago. It has the trained staff, equipment, and parts to make the necessary repairs and extract the data you need to run your business. Each year it handles thousands of data recovery cases, many for small businesses. You can ship the broken drive or, in extreme cases, have it picked up by a courier. Over the years, Prosoft technicians have traveled to customers' facilities with cleanroom gear for ultrasensitive data.

To start a recovery project, you can give Prosoft a call, send an email or fill in the company's online form. Be ready to describe the drive, its symptoms and the data you need most from it. The technician will give you a rough estimate of the costs and send out a shipping label for you to send it to Prosoft's Livermore, California facility. Once it arrives, Prosoft's technicians will give the drive a diagnostic evaluation to see what's wrong with it. A technician then tells you how long it will take and what files can be brought back from the dead.

As a full-service data recovery firm, Prosoft works with everything you might need to recover data from, including laptop hard drives, tablets, phones, flash drives and even RAID arrays. Prosoft is authorized by major drive- and RAID-makers to do all the repairs necessary to bring the device and the data it holds back to life.

If the drive is operational, technicians connect it to diagnostic gear and scan it for logical errors, broken links and deleted files that can be recovered. Prosoft can even work with ransomware-inundated or encrypted drives as long as you have the encryption key.

If the root cause is a hardware problem – like a burned-out motor, worn read-write heads or even a bad circuit board – the drive is opened in the company's Class 100 cleanroom, where its environment mimics that of the factory where the hard drive was made. The company keeps a stockpile of 5,000 hard drives to use for parts to rebuild broken drives. Once the repairs are complete, all the usable data is lifted, put on a fresh drive and returned to your company for integration into your digital infrastructure.

Prosoft does not conduct annual SOC Type 2 security audits, but it promises to keep your data confidential. It has multiple firewalls to protect your data, and its work is done on a fresh hard drive, not Prosoft's servers. Not only does this lessen the possibility of your data being hacked, but there's nothing to wipe when the work is complete.

Prosoft doesn't consult with customers to create more fault-tolerant data systems or sell hard drive service plans that will pay for recovery services in the event of a failure. It doesn't perform forensic examination for legal cases.

Customer Service

Although Prosoft's Data Rescue Center generally works Monday through Friday during regular business hours, the company's technicians can work on a 24/7 basis in data emergencies. Its facilities are located in Livermore, California. It doesn't have any locations outside of the U.S.

While Prosoft is not on the Government Services Administration's approved contractor list, it has partners that are and has done work for various branches of government. It currently lacks Better Business Bureau accreditation.

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Prosoft Engineering

Prosoft Engineering

The Verdict

Prosoft's Data Rescue Center has the staff, equipment and experience to squeeze every bit of data from a worn-out server drive or dead notebook. In addition, the company can diagnose and repair all sorts of storage equipment.

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