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Protection 1 Review

By Kiely Kuligowski, Writer | Updated Jul 15, 2019

Protection 1 is a residential and commercial security company that offers flexible access control solutions for any business, no matter its size or custom needs. It offers emergency protocols and exceptional customer support, and has a variety of hardware and software that you can incorporate into your access control system to create a secure facility. Protection 1 is a division of ADT.

Protection 1

Protection 1

The Best Access Control Systems of 2020

The Verdict

Protection 1 offers top-quality access control components and integration with security, video, reporting, and attendance features. This all makes for an efficient system.

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Protection 1 Options and Plans

With Protection 1, you have the choice between a traditional, control-panel-based system and a network-based IP system. Both systems have their advantages and limitations, but the company is very hands-on with the design and installation of your access control system. Because there is a wide variety of configurations, representatives work with you to make the most efficient system possible for your specific business.

Protection 1 also has a managed access service that can handle administration, IT and hardware upkeep for you.


There are several hardware options. For example, you can choose intelligent door readers that store credential data and event history themselves, so if a reader is cut off from the system, it can still allow entry and exit. You can add encrypted smart cards and biometric readers for maximum security.

The system is also scalable, with the ability to work across multiple locations and cover an unlimited number of entry points. With its browser-based interface, you won't have to download updates to the system. 

Protection 1 integrates nearly all your business's security and safety needs, including the company video surveillance system, into its all-in-one platform. Fire, carbon monoxide and intrusion alarms tie into the system, so you can set up emergency procedures for your employees. You can select which doors automatically open and which lock in an emergency, allowing for safe evacuation. Protection 1's security team notifies law enforcement when there's an intrusion alert.

This reporting and admin platform, called eSuite, is a comprehensive reporting and analytics system that provides you loads of security data about your business. You can view reports on entry and exit times, total number of alarms, inactive doors, suspicious activity, and more. You can run these reports anytime or schedule them to run periodically. The reporting program compiles this information, including the scale of your business's security, and gives you an analysis of your system, letting you know if you can afford to scale back or need to scale up. 

When you need to investigate specific instances, the system can display video footage of attempted break-ins or attempts to open doors with the wrong credentials so you can visually confirm what happened and who was involved. The video is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime from anywhere with an internet connection, including your smartphone. The main downside is that the cloud storage space is limited, and you can only access events from the previous 30 days at most.

Protection 1 has a visitor management system that allows you to print temporary ID badges to give access to non-employees, such as guests and vendors. If you're granting access to sensitive areas, such as rooms in a school or hospital, the system allows you to run a person's ID through state and federal criminal databases.

Protection 1's interface can also integrate with time and attendance programs, allowing your employees to clock in and out using their access control credentials.

Customer Service

Upon installation of your system, Protection 1 will help train you or any employees you designate on how to manage the system. Extensive guides, case studies and other materials are available on the company's website.

In evaluating each of the access control companies on our list, we anonymously contacted their customer support departments. Protection 1 stood out, providing helpful, polite and efficient customer service. When we spoke with representatives over the phone, they gave us transparent, direct and complete answers. This extended to a live chat feature accessible on Protection 1's website. Also impressive: Protection 1 offers assistance 24/7. 

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Protection 1

Protection 1

The Best Access Control Systems of 2020

The Verdict

Protection 1 offers top-quality access control components and integration with security, video, reporting, and attendance features. This all makes for an efficient system.

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