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ProTexting helps you find the most effective way to reach current and potential customers as part of your overall marketing campaign. This text message marketing company gives you access to tools to add contacts for future marketing as well as text-to-win contests you can send to customers. You can opt for several types of reporting, and you have access to a large knowledgebase to answer your questions.



The Verdict

ProTexting offers an impressive array of text messaging tools and reports, such as delivery confirmation and auto-responses, that are well suited to the needs of small businesses.

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The most popular ProTexting plan, its Economy plan, costs $79 a month. This plan gives you 1,700 credits (most texts you send cost one credit) and allows you two keywords. Smaller businesses may prefer the Startup plan, which is $49 a month for 1,000 credits and one keyword. There are five plans in all, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and desired text volume.

This service helps build a bridge between you and your clients by creating a two-way dialogue. Your initial campaign can consist of a welcoming text message to people who have signed up for your service. From there, you can send auto-responses or surveys. With ProTexting, you can also set up schedules to deliver text messages to customers on a regular basis or at a set time.

Reporting is an area where ProTexting excels. It offers many individual reporting features, but it doesn't stop with the basic information. In comparison to other text messaging services, ProTexting reports are heavy on tools for data analysis. It includes reports on inbound responses, helping you measure how effective your interactions with customers are. You also receive delivery notifications if your messages haven't been received and if they are going to fake or spam numbers.

Other valuable reports include keyword reports, which show you the most popular keywords, and subscription information, so you can easily see customers joining your network and who's leaving. This information is also important because the Mobile Marketing Administration suggests you keep records of subscription information for at least six months.

This text marketing service offers auto-campaigns and multimedia messaging; when we tested these features, every message we sent was received by the intended party. However, voting and polling options are only available for an additional fee of $199 a month, which is much more than most other SMS messaging services charge for this feature. 

This service also offers a variety of subscription management functions, such as the ability to manually add an unlimited number of contacts. You can organize individuals into separate groups in case you have different marketing strategies for different demographics. ProTexting gives you the resources to conduct text-to-win contests with followers. This SMS service even lets you personalize your messages, though you still must include STOP and HELP options for your customers so they can opt out of messages.

With this SMS software, you can schedule messages to be sent out at a later date; this allows you to plan ahead for big events like Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. You can even send your customers exclusive coupons.

ProTexting takes an "app marketplace" approach to extra features so that you can add features you want individually rather than paying for them in expensive bundles. Some of these cost extra, mobile voting and polling being the most expensive by far. Plenty of the add-ons are free with your plan, though, including QR codes and a URL shortener.

You are likely to run into questions as you manage your marketing campaign. ProTexting offers several ways to find answers. If you call or email the company, you can expect quick responses. While there are few questions on its online FAQs page, you will find information on topics such as privacy issues and delivery problems. You can also go to ProTexting's YouTube page and view video tutorials for text message marketing. The only thing missing from this SMS service provider's support options is live chat. 

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The Verdict

ProTexting offers an impressive array of text messaging tools and reports, such as delivery confirmation and auto-responses, that are well suited to the needs of small businesses. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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