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proXPN Review

business.com editorial staff
business.com editorial staff

Connecting to an enterprise VPN through proXPN is simple and fast, with two service levels to choose from. The service offers extensive security, including an all-but-unbreakable open encryption system for protecting data that may fall into the wrong hands. Speed is limited with the free-service level, as are server options, but all caps are lifted with a premium membership.

proXPN offers new customers a two-tiered service plan: one of them is paid; the other free, each with a full suite of features. The free service is multi-platform compatible, and it offers all of the operational features of the paid plan. Where the two differ is in secondary features, such as unlimited connection speeds and access to customer support. The free version of proXPN's enterprise VPN service comes free of service commitments while the paid version offers new sign ups a seven-day free trial.

The security proXPN options are far beyond industry standards. In addition to the security of switching servers and masking your IP address, as well as the use of server-side firewalls and program filtering, the company's enterprise VPN service protects your sent data with a 2048-bit encryption key, which would require billions of attempts to crack by force. In the event your connection is interrupted, either by server disconnection or by a fault on the public network you're using, proXPN's kill switch feature disconnects you from the internet to prevent any sensitive data being sent over an unencrypted network.

The free version of proXPN's internet VPN is not especially fast, only 300 kbps, and it may be too slow to effectively stream high-bandwidth content such as embedded video. Premium accounts, however, have no speed cap and may access the internet through any server on the network, rather than the single U.S.-based server proXPN's free customers use.

proXPN offers extremely tight security for any information you want to protect with an encryption algorithm that is essentially immune to current cracking methods. Even this encrypted data is unlikely to fall into the wrong hands as the system's kill switch automatically shuts down your connection in the event of a secure connection loss. Bandwidth and connection speed are capped for free customers, but a paid subscription to proXPN's enterprise VPN service lifts these blocks and gives you access to several other features such as 24-7 customer support and access to the company's global server network.

business.com editorial staff
business.com editorial staff
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