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Quench Review

By Joshua Stowers, writer
| Updated
Aug 26, 2019
Image Credit: LightFieldStudios / Getty Images
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Quench breaks the mold of water delivery services by providing bottle-less water coolers to businesses. This is an environmentally friendly option in line with the current water delivery trends. Instead of delivering hundreds or thousands of plastic bottles to your business every year, Quench provides machines that offer water without the use of a bottle.



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The Verdict

Thanks to its bottle-less water dispensers, Quench earns our pick for the most environmentally friendly water delivery service on the market.

Despite using a machine rather than many bottles, the company doesn't lack flavor choices. The Bevi offers flavored sparkling and still water, and while the model is a little pricier than other options, it's a great option for small and midsize businesses looking for extra flair in their water choices.

With its bottle-less water coolers, Quench's water delivery options are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market. The company earns our best pick as the most environmentally friendly choice because its models are reliable, the bottle-less coolers help reduce plastic waste, and the customer support is solid. Overall, Quench is a quality company for water delivery needs.

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Pricing depends on the model you order. We took a closer look at pricing for both the Q7 water cooler and the Bevi machine. You can request a quote from Quench if you're looking to use one of its other water coolers or machines.

The Bevi costs $299 a month for a 36-month term. The machine's installation costs $500, and CO2, which is used to create sparkling water, costs $30 initially and $70 for refills. For a 50-person business with average sparkling water consumption, the CO2 should last a few months before needing a refill, according to Quench. The company does need internet access to monitor your CO2 levels. If a business doesn't have internet access, Quench can install OptConnect for $20 per month.

The $500 installation fee covers setup for the software and installation of the CO2 and the four flavors. Flavor refills cost $90 each. According to a conversation with the Quench team, a 50-employee business generally needs one flavor refill per month.

Q7 is a top option for water coolers, especially for small businesses. The machine costs $45 a month for a 36-month term, with a $49 installation. Annual filter changes and unscheduled maintenance are included in the flat monthly rate of $45. For the machine to work, there needs to be a water source within 200 feet and an electrical source within 6 feet.

The Bevi machine takes 20-30 days to be delivered from the time of an order, while the Q7 takes 7-10 days.

In terms of pricing, the smallest businesses will likely prefer the Q7. It doesn't offer sparkling water or flavor assortments, but the model is affordable, provides both hot and cold water, and doesn't require plastic water bottles.


The ability to create a custom solution is valuable. Quench offers a wide variety of water coolers, ice dispensers and coffee makers.

The Quench model you select will depend on your business needs and budget. If you want to get fancy with your water, the Bevi is a great choice. The machine provides flavored and sparkling water, which can be a nice perk for employees or customers. Businesses with people spending time in a waiting room could benefit from the Bevi. The smallest businesses might want to opt for more affordable models.

Quench separates itself from competitors by offering small machines that don't require individual bottle delivery. This helps Quench remain an environmentally friendly option while providing businesses with quality water options.

Using one machine with no bottles is convenient and helps the environment by avoiding the production of plastic waste. For small businesses looking to reduce their negative environmental impact, it makes sense to follow the trend of getting a bottle-less water cooler.

Water Assortment

The assortment depends on the machine you purchase, but the Bevi machine doesn't skimp on flavored water options. If your business wants different flavors, Bevi by Quench is a good route to take. The four flavors in the machine give employees variety in their water choices. The sparkling water option is also a plus.

While the machine lets you select from four different flavors at once, there are more flavors available. You can determine which four you want in your machine at a given time. Lemon, coconut, raspberry, grapefruit and cucumber are just a few of the flavors available for the Bevi.

Some companies offer a wider assortment of flavors and brands, but Quench provides a good selection for the Bevi. Finding this level of water assortment without using plastic bottles or standard water delivery services isn't easy.

For the most part, the other coolers don't offer much water assortment. The purpose of the other water coolers is to offer cold and warm water. They're simple, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on how much selection or variety you like to have in your water.

Customer Support

Quench offers quality customer support. The company doesn't post much of its pricing online, which can make the decision process more difficult; fortunately, in our experience, the online customer service representatives respond quickly and thoroughly with pricing and product information.

Within 10 minutes of our live chat conversation starting, Quench explained two options that could work well for a business of roughly 50 people. We received pricing quotes and a detailed explanation of all the different charges associated with the coolers. The customer service rep then reached out and emailed us more information on the two product offerings.

Online reviews for Quench vary and aren't that impressive. There are occasional issues with billing, and others have had a difficult time getting customer service reps on the phone. However, we found positive reviews that felt the Quench customer service in their area was exceptional.

From what we researched, Quench's customer support and billing practices align with other water delivery services. The industry certainly isn't well known for good customer service, but Quench's service should be on par with the major players in the industry.

Editor's Note: Is your business looking for a water delivery service? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.



The Best Water Delivery Services of 2020

The Verdict

Thanks to its bottle-less water dispensers, Quench earns our pick for the most environmentally friendly water delivery service on the market.

Joshua Stowers
Joshua Stowers
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