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Replicon TimeAttend Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

TimeAttend from Replicon is a cloud-hosted time and attendance system that automates time recording and reporting. The system works for businesses that have hourly, salaried and contract employees. It integrates with many business programs, including payroll and accounting services, and has a mobile app and employee portals with an hours tracker and productivity tools. The timekeeping software is available in three service plans, one of which includes PTO (paid time off) management and scheduling tools.

Replicon TimeAttend

Replicon TimeAttend

The Best Time and Attendance Services and Software 2020

The Verdict

Replicon's TimeAttend is a time and attendance system that offers employees several ways to manage their time. It also provides a range of flexible management features.

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Best Features

Regardless of which service plan you choose, your employees have multiple ways to log their time with TimeAttend. They can clock in and out using any web browser or the mobile app. Employers can also turn an iOS tablet into a kiosk that serves the entire office's clocking needs. The system can track not only when employees come and go, but also how long they work on specific projects and in certain locations.

The mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices, allows employees to clock in and out, enter the hours they've worked, view the status of their timesheets, and take pictures and record their locations when punching in and out. They can also use the mobile app to request time off and check their PTO accruals.

The notification tools are another benefit of TimeAttend. You can set up email or mobile notifications for when you need to approve timesheets or correct missed punches. You can also use them to alert employees when it's time to clock in or submit their timesheets.

One possible benefit is the PTO and scheduling tools. These are only available in the Premier service plan. These tools keep track of how much PTO employees have and have used and allows employers to set their own accrual rules. Employees can request time off in the system, and managers can approve or deny those requests.

The scheduling function allows employers to create schedules, add shifts, see a summary of the hours each employee worked (and the shifts they were assigned to), and publish schedules so all employees can see in advance when they are slated to work.  

The administrator portal allows those in charge to quickly check employees' statuses to see who's on the clock, who's on a break and who's out of the office, as well as any time-off requests that need approval. Another benefit is the built-in integrations with popular business programs, including ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex. If the software doesn't integrate with your payroll service, you can export your data as CSV files.

Starting Price

TimeAttend is available in three service plans: Quick Start, Plus and Premier. Pricing for the Quick Start plan is $30 per month for up to five employees. Each additional employee is $5 more per month. The Quick Start plan includes functions for clocking in and out, meal breaks, rounding, activity tracking, some PTO management, reports, and integrations.

TimeAttend has custom pricing for the Plus and Premier plans, so you'll need to contact the company directly for a price quote. Some of the features those plans offer that the Quick Start plan doesn't are scheduling tools, advanced PTO management, report sharing and various customization options. 

You have to sign an annual contract to start. The company offers a 14-day free trial.  

Customer Service

You can contact the company for customer support by phone, live chat, email or online form. In addition, the Replicon website has a number of valuable resource materials, including a help section that provides guidance on issues a user might run into, such as trouble logging in to their account, and topics such as how time punching works. There are also some quick videos to walk users through the system.

We were disappointed that we could not find any records of Replicon on the Better Business Bureau website. We would have liked to know if the company was accredited, what its rating was and if any complaints had been filed against it.


TimeAttend works on several different platforms, including a web app, mobile app and tablet-style kiosk.

The web app is accessible from any computer's web browser. From the web version, users can clock in and out, record how long they work on specific projects, check their schedules, see their time accruals, and request time off.

The mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or Apple stores. The app allows remote workers to clock in and out, including via facial recognition or Touch ID. The app also features real-time GPS monitoring.

While there are no traditional timeclocks with TimeAttend, employers can use the CloudClock app. This gives businesses the option to use a tablet that is centrally located within a business as the main clock-in and clock-out kiosk for employees. CloudClock is only available on iOS tablets. The kiosk can also use facial recognition to prevent buddy punching, and it offers an AI chatbot to help employees with time-related tasks.


There are couple drawbacks to TimeAttend. The CloudClock kiosk option isn't available on Android devices, and Replicon doesn't offer traditional timeclocks for TimeAttend.

We were less than impressed by the company's live chat support. Each time we had a question, the responses we received were unclear or didn't answer our question. It often took a drawn-out exchange to finally get the answers we needed.

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Replicon TimeAttend

Replicon TimeAttend

The Best Time and Attendance Services and Software 2020

The Verdict

Replicon's TimeAttend is a time and attendance system that offers employees several ways to manage their time. It also provides a range of flexible management features.

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