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Reputation Management Consultants Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Staff writer Staff
Dec 11, 2019

Reputation Management Consultants is an online reputation management company that uses targeted techniques and proprietary tools to achieve positive online results for businesses from any size or industry. The company uses a variety of manual and automated tactics to suppress negative articles and reviews and increase the visibility of positive content. In addition to boosting your reputation, the company maintains it by defending against new reputation attacks. Reputation Management Consultants also doubles as a public relations agency, which is another effective way to build a positive online reputation. 

Reputation Management Consultants Review

Reputation Management Consultants

The Verdict

Reputation Management Consultants has a powerhouse of assets to suppress negative online commentary while promoting positive and neutral content. It's especially useful for serious reputation repair or enhancement.

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Reputation Management Consultants hosts a fleet of computers with hundreds of IP addresses to monitor trends and influence search engine rankings on behalf of its clients. The company has researched algorithms to help move your online assets to the first page of search engine rankings. The company uses patent-pending engineered technology to increase your reputation. Some of its methods involve automated and artificial manipulations of search engines, but it also generates positive content and creates a safe place for collecting reviews.  

Reputation Management Consultants Pricing and Plans  

Reputation Management Consultants offers customized services with tailored pricing for each business it works with. Because the company doesn’t have set service plans or packages for its online reputation management services, you will have to reach out to the company directly to receive a customized quote and estimated time frame for your business. 

Before starting any work, Reputation Management Consultants conducts a full analysis of each business’s online image. It looks at search results, your website and any negative content associated with your brand to determine the best course of action. Based on what’s needed, the company determines the pricing and contract length.  

Reputation Management Consultants Features 

Reputation Management Consultants provides online management services and reputation repair to both businesses and individuals. The company creates new assets to drive out negative reviews and news concerning your company and uses multiple social media monitoring methods to keep tabs on what people are saying about you or your business.  

Here are some of the strategies Reputation Management Consultants employs:  

  • Content creation. This company concentrates on suppressing negative commentary through the promotion of positive sites and content such as blogs, videos and social media. It can create several new sites and syndicate your content through its news and blog networks that cover a multitude of sites. Another tactic is to create microsites that focus on one aspect of a business. That way, people who are searching for a specific type of product or service will see that microsite. This provides the additional advantage of having these specific sites crowd out other sites that might hold negative information about your business.  
  • Social media management. Reputation Management Consultants utilizes social media marketing to enhance your internet reputation. The company can create and manage social media profiles for your business on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks.  
  • Third-party content leverage. The company works to leverage older positive content on sites that are not owned by your business and don’t currently rank highly in search results.
  • Asset authority. In an effort to increase the authority of your content, Reputation Management Consultants works to add citations from other highly credible sources. These other sites accept Reputation Management Consultants’ content, which includes backlinks.  

Pros of Reputation Management Consultants

Reputation Management Consultants serves a variety of high-profile individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes and industries, making the company a great resource for any individual or business that wants to enhance their online reputation. The company mentions it serves governments and Fortune 1000 companies, so this may be an especially good resource for larger entities. Reputation Management Consultants respects client confidentiality and privacy. 

This company has high-quality connections that can help to create and promote your content on valuable, authoritative websites. Its content is carefully designed to display your business in the best light, and its high-domain-authority publication connections can help to bring that content to the top of search engine results. 

Reputation Management Consultants performs review management a little differently than some competitors. Instead of trying to remove negative reviews, it works to acquire and enhance positive reviews. This tactic works to push the negative reviews farther down in search results. The company occasionally interviews businesses’ past clients to create new positive reviews. 

Cons of Reputation Management Consultants

One minor negative of Reputation Management Consultants is that the company is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. However, it does have an A+ rating and has had only three complaints filed against it in the past three years.  

Another drawback is the lack of transparent pricing. Unlike some competitors, Reputation Management Consultants does not offer a list of pricing or plans on its website because the company offers customized pricing and plans. While tailored pricing is ideal, some businesses might find it inconvenient that they can’t view a general estimate on the website before contacting the company. When we analyzed some customer reviews, it seemed like this company’s services may be a bit more expensive than some competitors. If this is the case, the services may be too expensive for small businesses or individuals with very limited reputation management budgets.  

Reputation Management Consultants Customer Service

Reputation Management Consultants has a very informative website that provides multiple resources for potential customers who want to learn about the company’s services. In addition to laying out its solutions, approaches and processes, the company provides case studies and a site map. You can also contact a support representative via chat, email, phone or a contact form. Unlike many competitors, Reputation Management Consultants has phone lines in several countries, including the United States, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. This is a great perk for international clients. 

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Reputation Management Consultants Review

Reputation Management Consultants

The Verdict

Reputation Management Consultants has a powerhouse of assets to suppress negative online commentary while promoting positive and neutral content. It's especially useful for serious reputation repair or enhancement.

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