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Revenue Assurance Partners Review

By Skye Schooley, Writer | Updated Apr 24, 2019

Revenue Assurance Partners (RAP) is a national collection agency that offers many services to help you receive payment from delinquent commercial accounts. This company provides personalized approaches, including credit investigations and letter services. If necessary, it can offer legal forwarding on your accounts as well.

Revenue Assurance Partners

Revenue Assurance Partners

The Best Collection Agency Services of 2020

The Verdict

Revenue Assurance Partners is best for businesses that need quick debt collections on commercial accounts. It also offers credit reporting and commercial auditing.

Unlike many competitors, RAP offers credit reporting and commercial auditing. Its online portal, RAPDirect, is a huge bonus for companies that sign up for its service. It provides all the functions you need for remote client access, including the ability to view the status of your accounts and submit new accounts. Your debtors can use the portal to pay online. They also have the option to pay by phone or mail.

Since this collection agency operates on a contingency fee based on the amount of debt it collects on your account, you do not have to pay anything until after it collects. It does not display its rates online; you'll have to contact an agent directly over the phone or complete an online form to determine exact percentage rates and account quotes. Revenue Assurance Partners is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

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Best Features

One major benefit to using Revenue Assurance Partners as your commercial collection agency is its history of quick collections and payments. When you file a claim with RAP, you can typically expect your debtors to pay within a month. The agency claims that over 70% of funds it recovers are within 30 days of the account being placed with its service. This is especially beneficial for companies that financially depend on prompt repayment.

Another great feature is RAPDirect. In this online portal, you can submit new accounts and review the status of your current accounts. This is especially convenient for forward-flowing businesses that need to consistently add new debt accounts. The portal also gives your debtors the convenience of paying online.

Unlike many of its competitors, RAP provides additional services like credit reporting and commercial auditing to complement your internal collection process. The audit approach is handled with care, so as to not negatively affect your relationship with your customer.


One downfall to RAP is its lack of online information. Its website is simple to navigate and includes an online payment portal; however, it is missing some pertinent information. For example, it does not list the locations this agency covers. If you would like to know if it services your state or country, you will need to contact an agent directly. It provides collection services for commercial accounts, but it does not list any industry specialties or restrictions. You'll have to contact an agent for details and qualifications.

While RAP operates on a contingency fee basis, it does not list its rates or percentages online. To find out specific rate quotes, volume discounts or litigation fees, you must contact an agent directly. You can do this by calling the agency or requesting a quote online.

Another downside to collecting with RAP is its inability to provide skip tracing. Many competitors have a separate department that focuses on skip-tracing techniques to track hard-to-find debtors. This may be a problem for businesses whose debtors have skipped town.

Industry Focuses

Revenue Assurance Partners provides debt collection services for all commercial industries; however, it specializes in commercial insurance recovery. Its advanced knowledge on the working relationships between agents, brokers, departments of insurance, insurance carriers and insureds gives it a step up for collecting on insurance claims.

To learn which other industries RAP serves and determine if it can meet your specific industry's debt collection needs, it is best to contact the agency directly. You can contact an agent by calling or submitting an online request.

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Revenue Assurance Partners

Revenue Assurance Partners

The Best Collection Agency Services of 2020

The Verdict

Revenue Assurance Partners is best for businesses that need quick debt collections on commercial accounts. It also offers credit reporting and commercial auditing.

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