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Salesgenie is a sales lead generation company that works with small and medium-sized businesses. It has an online platform with built-in CRM software and a contact database that it gives you unlimited access to so you can use it to build lists that focus on your specific target audience. It also provides you with an account manager who can help you run email and direct mail campaigns and optimize your website for search engines. It doesn't offer website design, content creation or telemarketing services.



The Verdict

Salesgenie is a good option if you need a database of verified leads and tools to filter, manage and market to them.

Like most of the lead generation companies in our review, Salesgenie can help you with SEO optimization. It can help you focus your online marketing to specific geographic locations and can help you purchase paid search advertisements on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When you're ready to run an email campaign to find leads online, you can choose to let one of the company's email marketing experts run it for you or you can use the company's Email Campaign Builder to do it yourself. The software helps you build targeted lists and includes 35 mobile-optimized themes and 270 industry-specific templates that you can use to design your message. After the campaign is complete, Salesgenie can track the results and provide you with a detailed report.

Salesgenie can also help you run direct mail campaigns. You can focus your list to target customers that meet specific demographics and geographic criteria, and you can work with one of the company's graphic designers to create brochures, letters or postcards. The company can then help you print and mail them to your prospective customers.

Although the company helps you create emails and direct mail pieces, it doesn't help redesign your website or create additional content, such as press releases and white papers. It also doesn't have a call center that can help you with telemarketing and B2B appointment setting.

Salesgenie verifies the contacts in its database and has both B2B and consumer databases. You can use its Salesgenie Lead Manager program to manage your leads and filter them based on the criteria you choose. Your personal account manager can train you and your team how to use the database. It has an app for mobile phone and iPads that you can use to find nearby leads when you're on the go.

You can contact Salesgenie by phone, email and chat. The company's website includes detailed information about the services it offers and the packages you can subscribe to as well as FAQs, videos and articles. You can schedule a free demo or sign up for a three-day free trial if you want to see the service in action before signing up.

Salesgenie is a lead generation company that can provide you with verified B2B and consumer databases as well as the tools you need to build targeted lists, manage your leads, and market to potential customers through email and direct mail campaigns. However, it doesn't assist with creation content for your website, perform telemarketing services or set B2B appointments.

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The Verdict

Salesgenie is a good option if you need a database of verified leads and tools to filter, manage and market to them. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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